10 Clever Ways to eat healthy on a Tight Budget

“Nutritious food is expensive”- A myth.

Though it might prove a muscle-flexing job to eat healthy within a budget, there is a way.

If you are willing to save and sharpen your shopping strategy without seeking loans for bad credit, no guarantor on benefits, here is how to do so. Yes, these loans are best for other relevant financial issues.

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1)      Swap processed food for whole foods

Though how appetizing it may sound, try swapping pizza for a healthy alternative like oats. Whole foods come packed with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals as opposed to fatty foods like pizza, burgers, and lasagna.

Apart from being unhealthy, they are costly and disturb the monthly budget. Add more veggies to your dinner to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

2)      Don’t shop when you are Craving

Don’t land up in a grocery store hungry. You are likely to get diverted and buy something unexpected.

That’s impulse buying.

Thus, it is better to have something before you leave for shopping.

To avoid impulse buying, you can:

  • Set a shopping budget
  • Stick to the list
  • Reward yourself
  • Avoid using credit cards
  • Be mindful of your shopping goals

In addition, look for stores offering lean proteins, seasonal produce, and pantry staples at low prices.


3)      Watch out for Sales

While it may be time-consuming, spotting food items on sale can be pocket-pleasing. Keep your eyes on special sales or discounts on healthy foods. Most supermarkets host weekly specials. You can use these and ensure healthy food is within your budget.

Stock up on something that is frequently on your buying list. Stocking up will help you save money.

While stocking up is a great idea, make sure it doesn’t turn out sour in the meantime.

How to buy more within budget:

  • Check out for free samples
  • Sign-up for a loyalty program
  • Join a wholesale club
  • Buy generic brands
  • Compare prices


4)      Buy frozen food

While you should go for fresh ones, frozen food is also one of the pocket-friendly alternatives. Given this, it is imperative to choose wisely.

Buy vegetables without sauces and fruits without added sugar. Try frozen vegetables with soup, pep-up with salt and black pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and salt to suit the taste buds.


5)      Shop Online

Have you checked your online grocery list in a while? Choose your store, pick your time and get it delivered to your doorsteps!

In addition, grab healthy food at discounted rates online!

Ignore the added costs, edit your cart, and include only the essentials. Look for cheaper options available online and compare prices before finalizing.

6)      Look for economical Taste Enhancers

If you are eating healthy and seeking other healthy options to include in your diet plan, you would love to welcome taste enhancers that might disturb your budget a little but are a MUST-HAVE!

Ingredients like–Olives, oregano, Feta Cheese, fresh rosemary (can be used in multiple dishes), fresh ginger, maple syrup, dark roasted sesame oil are some foods that could enhance the taste of any dish.

Top 5 ways taste enhancers can be used:

  • Caramelized sliced onions: saute them on low flame and use them to make dark-sauce poultry.
  • For a tangy flavor- add a bit of lemon juice
  • Use ingredients with bold flavors like pomegranate, cilantro, or chipotle pepper
  • Sprinkle herbs on roasted veggies for a smoky flavor.


7)      Cook at home

Expensive dining is cool but ensuring a healthy lifestyle, recluse to more comfortable – cooking at home.

You can feed a family of four instead of paying the same for 1 at the restaurant.

Last-minute cravings are usual but don’t be a slave to them.

Switch to the healthy option of consuming homemade food. Cooking comes with the advantage of ensuring a healthy diet and – YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE EATING.


8)      Pack your Lunch instead of canteen food

Eating out daily may drain all your savings. Thus, switch to an economical option- pack your lunch.

By doing so, you will control your food and choose from a variety of options available.

Split your meals into fixed intervals and ensure you remain energized throughout the day by consuming healthy food.


9)      Shop for seasonal produce

Local seasonal produce is cheaper. Look out for the vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals you are looking forward to including in your diet and explore local shops for cheap seasonal produce that incorporates them.

If you end up buying more than you need, you can freeze the rest or incorporate it into next week’s dinner or breakfast plan.


10)  Grow your own food

If you have a spare productive land area or a portion, growing your own stuff is the best alternative.

Seeds are cheap in price. You can choose the seasonal fruits and vegetables to grow in your area, like tomatoes, brinjal, onions, and herbs.

Home-grown produce tastes a lot better than the one you brought from the stores. SAVE MONEY. Go organic.

Thus, you don’t need personal loans with guaranteed approval to buy your favourite healthy stuff on a budget. Yes,’ that’s true!

You can use those funding sources for other expenses or financial emergencies. Alternatively, you can also use the borrowed sum to hire a health expert or join a gymnasium when you are running short of money.

There are many healthy alternatives to switch to.

Stay Strong with your budget and your body. Shop smart and save more with confidence.

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