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10 Eerie Photo Booth Poses for Your Halloween Bash

Halloween is all about spending fun time with your friends and family. For most of us, it is all about wearing weird clothing, making unusual meals, and clicking memorable pictures. 

But, have you thought about what eerie poses to strike in the Halloween photo booth yet? Why settle for average and the same old poses this Halloween?

If you haven’t, look no further. This article is going to give you 10 creative, yet scary, poses to strike in your Halloween photo booth, so that you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

1. Witch photoshoot

Have an eerie Halloween photo booth photo session by dressing up as a witch. Make use of the colors and dry leaves of the Fall season, and get ready to up your photoshoot game this Halloween. 

All you need is a long hat and a long black outfit. You can add laces and other designs to it to give it more detail. Then, just pour out all your creativity with dark makeup and long nails. As for the poses, grab a broom and a wand and pose as if you’re ready to cast a spell!

2. Coffin

Who doesn’t find coffins scary? In your Halloween bash this year, get your hands on a fake coffin and be ready to pose in it.

You can make that coffin stand up straight for your photo booth to capture the picture properly and make sure to lay some sheets to give it more detail. Then, you can choose to pose as if you’re inanimate, or think of other poses to strike in that coffin. 

We recommend you add some fake spider webs and candles to the surroundings to make your pictures look more sinister.

3. Head on a dish

Get ready to serve your face as a hot dish this Halloween. As creepy as this sounds, a platter would do the job of sending chills through everyone’s spine. 

All you need to do is get a fake platter or construct it yourself using hard cardboard paper. Then, cut a hole in the center that is big enough for your head to go through easily. 

Your photo booth’s camera should be set in a way that no one can see below the platter. You can even add a table cloth and a fork and knife on the side of the platter to make it look even more real.

4. Lighting

Lights have the ability to create any effect you want in your pictures. You can make any picture look spooky with some dim lights. So, get ready to grab some hollow and engraved pumpkins, and put some dim lighting into them. 

Grab some hay to lay out at the backdrop of your photo booth backdrop, and then let your frightening pumpkins do their talking. Carry these pumpkins with lights inside them and strike a pose in your Halloween photo booth.

5. Witch and her magical potion

Dress up as a scary witch this Halloween, and get ready to make some magic and curse-filled potion. 

Grab some black long dress, as well as a pointy hat and fake long nails. Then, grab some big dish you can pose with, and pour some freaky solution into it. 

You can add any liquid you want, just remember to make it look potion-like. You can make it dark blue, purple, or even black with some glitter in it. This color, including the glitter, is going to turn out great in your photo booth pictures. 

6. Zombies

Apocalypse? This Halloween? Why not! Dress up as zombies, and get ready to creep everyone out by striking some zombie poses. Don’t forget to get some SFX makeup to make yourself look like a real zombie that just dug itself up from the grave.

What would make your photo booth pictures even more perfect would be grabbing your friends dressed up as zombies and making them strike a pose as well.

7. Evil nuns

Dress up as an evil nun this Halloween, and scare everyone out. Dressing up as an evil nun is extremely easy, you only need to buy nun clothes, and work on your makeup. Then, pose as if you’re ready to scare the living matter out of anyone who passes by you.

8. Pose with an infant

Have a small child around the house? Then why not make them a part of your eerie Halloween photo booth pictures this year? Dress up as scary as you can, and do your best to make the child look scary as well. Makeup will do the job for sure! Then, get ready to hold that child in your arms, and strike a pose…

9. Bring in your furry animals

Your dogs or cats will love being part of your Halloween photoshoot. After all, photo booths are all part of making memories, so why not include your furry friends in those as well? 

There are numerous Halloween costume stores in town that offer scary costumes for your pets as well. Or, you can even have a DIY session at home, in order to put together creative, yet eerie, costumes for your furry animals.

10. Silhouettes

Silhouettes have the ability to make anything look spooky, as they outline things pretty well. Make use of silhouettes in your Halloween photo booth, and strike a pose.

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