10 Effective Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Our metabolism describes how our bodies convert what we eat into energy. If our metabolic system isn’t fast enough, we will have problems losing weight. When the metabolism is too slow, we get fat and cannot get rid of all our calories. The human body adapts to regular eating habits and reacts slower when it comes to new changes. It means that if you decide not to eat anything for a day or two, your metabolic rate will drop, and you won’t burn any more energy. There are ten effective ways to boost your metabolism:

 1) Eating breakfast

The most significant meal of the day is breakfast. When your body gets all the nutrients, it needs to start working for you. If you don’t eat anything in the morning, your body will constantly ask for food throughout the day. It won’t be able to concentrate on anything else but food and also, don’t forget about what I just said – if you don’t eat enough, your metabolism will slow down!

2) Eat many meals instead of 3 large ones.

Eating 5 or 6 smaller meals instead of 3 larger ones can help boost our metabolic rate by up to 18-30%. Moreover, it takes more time to chew small portions than three big ones. Chewing burns calories as well, which is very beneficial for weight loss?

3) Drink water more often.

It might seem strange, but it is true. Our bodies need to hydrate constantly, and when we don’t drink enough water, our metabolic rate drops down by up to 3%. It is recommended not to drink cold water because the cold will raise your metabolism a little bit. Also, warm or hot water speeds things up even more! And if you add lemon into the mix. well, that’s just a bonus 😉

4) Do some cardio exercises at least three times a week.

Cardio exercises are very important for our overall health. However, they can do wonders when it comes to speeding up our metabolism! You should aim for about 20 minutes of cardio three days a week and try to include two days of interval training (5 minutes on, 3 minutes off).

5) Eat more protein

Protein helps us build muscle mass which makes our metabolic rate faster. We should eat 0, 8-1 g of proteins per 1 kg of body weight to speed up our metabolism for 6 hours. If you are trying to lose weight, aim for no more than 0, 6 g of protein / 1 kg of the body; otherwise, you might gain even more weight.

6) Eat foods that increase metabolic rate.

You can eat certain food items that will give your metabolism a little boost. It is why you must know what kind of foods help with burning calories. Some recommended products contain garlic, chili, green tea, and many others.

7) Quit smoking

Smoking is not very good for your health (common knowledge). However, it will also make you gain weight. If you stop smoking, you can expect to lose about 10 pounds during the first three months. It is mainly due to metabolism speeding up. So if you want to look better and be healthier – quit smoking! Or at least try 😉

8) Avoid stress as much as possible.

Stress slows down the metabolic rate by increasing cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol is a hormone released when we are stressed, and it blocks everything that helps us burn calories. It even makes us go back to old eating habits, so. Keep stress out of your life if you want to be healthy and have a faster metabolic rate!

9) Keep a journal

Keeping a food journal might seem silly, but it is very important. It will help you keep track of what you eat to control your calorie intake. This way, your metabolism will stay as high as possible. It’s also good to note how many calories we burn during an average day because this number varies according to the activity level.

10) Drink green tea

Green tea has caffeine which helps speed up our metabolism by 4-5%. However, make sure not to drink more than three cups per day (it is also full of antioxidants). Drinking too much caffeine might be bad for our health, even though some studies show that it is beneficial, especially when it comes to cardio workouts.


Boosting your metabolism is not too hard. You need to eat right, exercise, and avoid stress. If you munch on junk foods, it will be very difficult to speed up your body’s metabolic rate, so try to avoid unhealthy products. Another important thing is drinking water because it speeds things up by about 30%. And if you do some cardio workouts at least three times a week for 20 minutes, that’s another way to boost your metabolism. It also helps get rid of fat faster which results in weight loss. So if you want to lose weight quickly, stay healthy, and look better, follow these ten ways!

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Sarah has been writing for a decade and now for the Quran teacher near me Website. She obtained her Master’s degree at the University of London. Her main objective is to write insightful content for those who read and like it.


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