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10 Efficient Methods For Best YouTube Promotion [Proven]

Every creative should have the knowledge of how to increase their YouTube views in their toolkit. Because, let’s face it, nobody wants to invest hours in creating a video only to have it become viral and garner no views.

This guide is for you if you’ve ever wondered, “Why don’t my YouTube videos receive any views?”

Here are 10 strategies to increase YouTube video views by using best YouTube promotion, from improving thumbnails to coming up with catchy names.

1. Pay attention to one YouTube niche

On YouTube, it might be tempting to share anything from DIY projects to hair lessons to your most recent cryptocurrency purchase. It’s your channel, so what’s wrong with occasionally changing things up? Viewers will come to understand your passion for trail running, boba tea, and baseball, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not how viewers think; they want to repeatedly watch films that appeal to their interests. To make that happen, you’ll want to identify a specialty you’re enthusiastic about and start generating films within that sector.

Making targeted content will help you in the long term to obtain more views on YouTube.

This is why:

  1. Your channel will be categorised by YouTube, which will then suggest your videos to users who share your interests. The finest promotion you will probably ever get is free.
  2. You’ll attract supporters of the same viewpoints who frequent your channel to see additional videos.

2. Before shooting, conduct some keyword research

If you don’t know what people are searching for on YouTube, it can be difficult to create popular videos. High-quality keyword research is the greatest strategy for getting beyond this obstacle.

As a result of this assignment, you can see what users are thinking and understand the best target keywords to use. The search engine on YouTube will then recognise those terms and publicise your video.

Check out vidIQ’s keyword research tool if you need assistance increasing search traffic to your channel. To examine how any keyword is performing on YouTube, just type any word or phrase into the tool’s search bar.

As a result, you’ll get:

  • The frequency of monthly searches for any term
  • a set of associated terms to help you focus your search
  • a ranking of keyword difficulty

To enhance your YouTube view count, use the appropriate keywords in your video’s title, description, and chapters.

3. Create catchy titles for your YouTube videos

It’s okay that we haven’t gotten around to filming yet. Knowing your specialty and compiling a list of powerful keywords help you do other things, like tweaking video titles, to get more views on YouTube.

Naturally, a good title contains more than just well-liked terms. It also informs the public of:

  • Why they should care
  •  What the video is about
  • The topic’s appeal to the heart

Here’s an illustration: If you made a video on increasing your YouTube following, a suitable title would be “How to Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers.”

As an example, contrast that with the phrase “Under 1,000 Subscribers? Attempt This The phrase “try this” at the end raises the following question: What exactly should I be trying? It just makes sense to click and find out.

Usually, a dull title is too ambiguous. Because the real estate market is location-based, it is useless to write something like “Real Estate Tips for Buyers.” Also, are we referring to residential or commercial properties? Your title isn’t specific enough in this instance.

How to Speak the Language of Your Audience

Capture the common language of your group with each upload to create stronger titles.

The best illustration of this may be seen on a channel named Zeusy the Pitty. More than 29 million people have watched this cute “talking” dog, largely because his droopy eyes and iconic head tilts are endearing.

Zeusy’s videos have excellent names, which also helps. Pit bulls are noisy, therefore his owner uses phrases like “talking pit bull” because it’s a relatable fact. To underline the parent-child link between owners and their dogs, Zeusy’s owner also refers to himself as “dad.”

See how it all fits together by reading this title: Talking Pit Bull Has a Fight With His Father! This dog is too intelligent!

You see the appeal, right? The title has some emotional appeal and speaks the language of dog lovers (“this dog is too smart”). And what’s this? More than 170,000 people have watched the video as of writing.

4. Use Popular Topics to Increase Views

Do you follow the trends on YouTube? If you haven’t started yet, do so right now because doing so is a wonderful method to dominate YouTube search results.

Knowing which topics to embrace is the secret to producing videos that will go viral on YouTube. Staying inside your specialisation is frequently necessary for maintaining the focus of your channel. Whether a video you broadcast becomes popular or not, it must still relevant to your viewers.

Don’t make the mistake of posting just about hot topics, either. For long-term value and consistent views, you still need evergreen content. Following trends should make up 10–20% of your material, according to our advice.

Are you trying to keep up with YouTube trends? Create unique trend notifications for your channel by downloading vidIQ. This tool allows you to:

  • Keep an eye on certain keywords and gauge their effectiveness.
  • Check out the number of views an opponent is receiving on a hot issue per hour.
  • Create email notifications for the most popular videos on any topic.

5. Design Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnails

Did you know that after authenticating your YouTube channel, you can upload unique thumbnails for any video?

It is real. To do this, you don’t need a large number of viewers, videos, or subscriptions. In fact, you don’t even need to monetize your channel. You can instantly upload personalised graphics and confirm the phone number linked to your account right away.

Take a look at this YouTube thumbnail, for instance. More than 450,000 people have watched the video that goes with it, “How to Get 4,000 Hours of Watch Time.” This thumbnail appears to be working for us thus far; it is significantly better than the arbitrary frame that YouTube displays in the absence of a graphic.

Nine guidelines for making better YouTube thumbnails are provided below:

  • Your thumbnails should be simple. They ought to be instantly understandable to viewers.
  • convey only one notion, theme, or idea.
  • Use no more than three dominating colours.
  • To make the image stand out, boost its vibrancy and saturation.
  • Take off the background and replace it with a more attractive pattern.
  • To take well-lit thumbnail pictures, use a ring light.
  • Give the image enough negative space so that it feels finished.
  • Include concise language that is no longer than four words.
  • Three major components and one backdrop colour are your goals.

Read this post to find out what you’re doing wrong if you’re creating custom thumbnails but aren’t getting more real views on YouTube videos. In order to compare your photographs to those of other authors before releasing, download vidIQ after you’ve identified the issue. Enter a term to compare various thumbnails.

6. Engage viewers with a strong introduction

The opening of your video is essential. Viewers decide whether to A) continue viewing or B) stop watching a video within the first 30 seconds.

You gain more watch time by keeping them, which is always nice. However, if you can make folks happy, they’ll come back and give you more views.

Wish to write better introductions? What you must do is as follows:

  • Make it brief so that viewers may quickly learn what they came for.
  • Don’t start off by introducing yourself and the video’s subject in a generic way. Get right to the point and make your introduction later.
  • Make every effort to capture the audience. It’s more of a chance to keep viewers interested than it is an introduction. Tease the more exciting parts of your video or make a hilarious move to grab the viewer’s attention.
  • Make sure the title and the introduction line up. In order to avoid disappointing viewers, it should also line up with the video’s thumbnail.
  • Experiment. What functions for one artist may not function for another. Even if it necessitates having no intro, conduct some testing and stick to the path that has led to success.

7. Include end screens and cards from YouTube in your videos.

Some YouTube users pay for views, however you shouldn’t do this while YouTube cards and end screens are still in use. They work the best and are the most cost-effective ways to advertise your channel.

Info cards are in-video alerts that direct viewers to relevant content. That may be a video, playlist, other channels you’ve made, or even connections to external websites. The most useful info cards are those that include playlists and videos when you want to increase views.

End screens usually appear in a video’s final 5–20 seconds. In the outro of this video, viewers can choose to watch another of your videos.

A video should obviously be watched in its entirety, and info cards will prevent that. Because of this, you should incorporate them into the video early—preferably after the midway point.

8. Put together Playlists to Get More YouTube Views

Start organising the videos you have once you have a lot of stuff into playlists.

These collections provide in-depth examination of a single subject. For instance, a playlist titled “How to Teach the Sit Command to Dogs” can be available on a pet channel.

Prior to making any other playlists, we advise creating a “new to this channel” playlist. Place the playlist in position 1 on your channel homepage after adding videos that demonstrate what your channel is all about. Hopefully, new viewers will see it and recognise its value.

9. Enhance Your Video Descriptions

On your channel, the titles and thumbnails are more noticeable than the descriptions. However, to increase the number of views on a YouTube video, you must use quality descriptions.

Start by keeping your descriptions succinct and to the point. The first 157 characters of the 5,000-character description box are shown to viewers. To read what is left, they need to click “display more.”

Because of this, crucial information, such the subject of the video and why it’s important, should be presented in the first 157 characters. Below this point, you can add more details like video chapters, subscription links, and social media handles.

Other considerations include the following:

  • To please viewers, make the description a true reflection of the video.
  • Large channels leaving the description area empty are not a cause for concern. From an SEO perspective, YouTube views increase when descriptions contain pertinent keywords.

10. Examine Your YouTube Metrics

Contrary to popular belief, becoming popular online doesn’t guarantee a steady stream of YouTube views. That occurrence is actually uncommon for most people.

Analyzing your channel statistics, monitoring video performance, and focusing more on what consistently produces results is a superior strategy.

The YouTube Studio contains everything you require. This analytics screen is likely recognisable to frequent visitors:

However, you should push yourself to track additional YouTube analytics, such as:

  • The percentage of people who watch a video after seeing its thumbnail, or click-through rate CTR = clicks/impressions multiplied by 100.
  • The proportion of new and returning viewers who have seen more of your material on your channel.
  • A number indicating how long on average viewers watched a video is called the audience retention rate. Your audience retention rate is 80%, for instance, if individuals watch a 10-minute film for eight minutes.
  • The percentage of viewers who are still watching your video after the first 30 seconds is known as audience retention.
  • Watch Time: How long viewers actually watch your video for.

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