10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Urgent Care Physicians in North Hills

As urgent care clinics continue gaining traction, will they dominate healthcare facilities? That could be something most people are wondering about, while others still don’t know what they can expect from there. What services do they offer? Why are they famous? And what can you expect from an urgent care physician in North Hills?

There could be a lot of questions running through your mind, and you deserve some answers. So, we shall enlighten you a little to know what’s going on with this outpatient clinic. 

Who is An Urgent Care Physician?

An urgent care doctor is a trained medical expert specializing in the family or general medicine and generally works in an urgent care clinic. The physician provides immediate medical service in outpatient care for acute treatments such as cough, minor injuries, and chronic illnesses. For example, if you have minor burns, you don’t have to go to an ER; North Hills urgent care clinic can be a better alternative. 

What else do you need to know about urgent care physicians in North Hills?

1. Qualification

One must have completed medical school and received a bachelor’s degree. If acknowledged as a physician, he must get licensed to practice medicine. Also, he will have to complete additional training to be board certified to work in urgent care. 

2. Handles Non-life-threatening Illnesses

Though North Hills urgent care clinic deals with outpatient healthcare, the doctors can handle most of the cases in ER. However, the illnesses they receive must be critical but not life-threatening. So, they act as a better alternative to an emergency room, as they get fast services and pay significantly less.

3. Better Alternative to your Primary Care Physician

An urgent care physician in the north hills can be an ideal alternate option if you have a pressing medical concern and your primary care doctor is unavailable. However, he must provide a patient’s medical history to be in the loop with the patient’s health concerns. 

4. Accepts walk-ins

While most doctors can’t see patients without prior booking, a physician working in an urgent care center will accept you as you walk into the facility. That can be a relief, especially if you can’t find your physician care. 

5. Specialty 

Some urgent care physicians in North Hills specialize in a particular area of medicine. But most of them can handle general practice. Depending on the patient’s specific needs, they may direct you to the ideal doctor. 

6. Asks for Medical Records

Even if the doctor accepts to see you without an appointment, he will request the patient to bring the necessary medical documentation to expedite treatment. So, this is critical as it will help him offer the best care possible to the patient.

7. Common Illnesses 

A doctor in an urgent care center can have his assistant or nurse practitioners handle acute sickness or injuries such as the following: 

  • Cold or flu
  • Vomiting 
  • Sprains and strains
  • Burns
  • Wound suturing 
  • Strep throat 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Dehydration 
  • UTIs
  • Allergic reactions (non-life-threatening) 
  • Small lacerations

8. Administer or Prescribe Treatments

A physician qualifies to execute various tests, such as lab tests and X-rays, which provide information on patients’ conditions. He analyses the diagnostic reports and findings of trials so he can diagnose the patients—the doctor follow-up with patients on these tests or their progress in high-risk cases.

9. Performs Minor Injuries 

The physician can handle patients coming to North Hills urgent care clinic with minor injuries such as gunshots. He can perform surgical procedures commensurate with his expertise or refer the patient to another specialist in the same facility.

10. Prescribes Medication

After medical analysis, a physician determines the best medical prescription and dosage and discusses with the patient the possible side effects of the Medication given. Sometimes, he might administer immunization or order the nurse practitioner to do it.

Other Qualities of an Urgent Care Physician Include:

  • Must always uphold a professional appearance.
  • Must be a team player
  • Must have a current CPR certification.
  • Must understand the concepts of universal precautions-HIPAA and OSHA.
  • Maintain a warm and friendly attitude with all patients
  • Must have excellent communication skills.
  • Be flexible and adaptable in various situations. And be able to multitask.
  • Possess ideal client interaction skills
  • Must be patient-centric
  • Customer service oriented.

In Conclusion

Understanding what urgent care physicians do with these facts helps you decide whether you want to go to North Hills urgent care clinic for your specific medical treatment or not. If you have a chronic disease, you can also find out if there is a specialist there, or you can ask for a referral. Otherwise, they deal with non-life-threatening conditions, which you don’t need to take to an ER. But it would be ideal to go to an ER for severe life-threatening illnesses or injuries. 

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