11 Tips to Make the Best of Your MBA From the Top B School in Delhi NCR

Applying for admission to a business school is an all-consuming experience. Researching for numerous majors, preparing for entrance exams, group discussions, and personal interviews is undoubtedly a very tiring process. In this procedure, aspiring students may have a hard time remembering that admission to a business school is not the ultimate goal; It’s only the beginning!

Efforts to transform every MBA / PGDM student into a strong team player, an expert in the field, and ultimately a global manager with in-depth knowledge of the industry, starts from day one. 

IBMR, being one of the best institutes for MBA in Delhi, offers a unique learning experience for students. Academic experience and comprehensive development at IBMR changes students’ perspective on life, both professionally and personally.

As management students embark on their journey to excellence, here are some ways that would help them optimise their MBA / PGDM qualifications –

  • Talk to former MBA students

Nobody knows an MBA course better than alumni, so try talking to different alumni about their experiences. Given the way we all feel about our alma mater, it would be difficult to find someone who is unwilling to share their experiences. Try to choose those whose interests coincide with yours, to give you an accurate view of what it might hold for you.

  • Search for yourself online

Before applying, look at your public profiles: how do you represent yourself? Make all your social media profiles private or clean them up so that you present yourself in a mature and professional way. 

  • Find your way around campus

There’s nothing worse than missing out on the first day, so avoid that fate by looking around the institution before classes begin. Grab your schedule and reach each class early so you can easily find your way when you need it. Most institutions offer tours of the various departments and facilities, so take advantage of them too.

  • Start growing your network

A big part of an MBA course is the non-academic side of things. Networking is one of the main reasons to attend business school, so make the most of the opportunity. Introduce yourself to everyone you can and take the time to get to know your classmates and teachers. In particular, look for those with a background other than yours. This is one of the best opportunities you will ever have to meet such a diverse range of people.

  • Undertaking Research Projects

While pursuing an MBA / PGDM, students should learn to research well and write academic papers as it helps them develop problem-solving skills and gives them a deeper understanding of the domain.

IBMR is one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR that offers ample research opportunities to students. Students can attend annual conferences, caucuses and seminars and assist their mentors in research projects. Such research projects help students gain hands-on experience in completing a creative business project. It also helps them earn academic credentials which provide a solid foundation for a well-rounded resume. Such projects also often lead to presentations at professional conferences, which serve as a basis when students apply for scholarships for higher education or even for a job.

  • Participate in Events and Competitions

Events and competitions provide great platforms for learning and networking. The learning that comes from competition offers students some real-life lessons. The act of winning makes students feel confident, while losing gives them the determination to do better. The wonderful moments and fun that students spend while participating in these events and competitions enhance their productivity. Outspoken speech at events encourages students to build healthy relationships, exchange perspectives, and interact with people from different cultures.

  • Share Your Learning

MBA / PGDM is based on understanding the fundamentals of business and learning and how you can become an asset to your organisation. A good manager is expected to guide and educate his team members in various functional and technical aspects. It, therefore, becomes important that students cultivate a sense of sharing. Today, students can also share their knowledge through social media platforms or by creating YouTube videos. Forming a peer learning group can be another great idea to share your learning. This will not only help students understand things better, but will also help enlighten others. Plus, sharing what students have learned will greatly improve their presentation skills.

  • Become a member of a student club

Clubs and other organisations are places where students can create some of their most treasured bonds and memories to cherish forever. Students can also talk about their experience and participation in job interviews. It has been said that learning trading strategies simply will do no good unless students have the intelligence to apply them. Joining a student club will give students a platform to hone their skills and learn how to apply their knowledge and skills in real life. In general, a student’s life should be outside the classroom, as exposure in all fields is equally important. Therefore, it is recommended that students join student clubs based on their interests and ability.

  • Train your interview skills

Informational interviews give you the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the type of interviews you will face after graduation. They also offer the opportunity to explore different companies and introduce yourself for staffing. Many MBA courses include classes that include informative interviews. 

  • Make sure you are organised

An MBA course requires a significant amount of juggling activities, events, and classes, so organisational skills are essential. Before starting the course, familiarise yourself with the tools you will use to organise your study, including study apps, planners, and calendars. Once the course begins, set a schedule to plan your time and stick to it – procrastination is your worst enemy. No period in your life will depend more on your organisational and management skills than on studying for an MBA.

  • Skills Improvement

The COVID-19 crisis, in many ways, has made us realise that, in any case, learning should never stop. There is no doubt that agility and skill enhancement will be the desirable traits future managers will seek out. Therefore, it is recommended that you take every opportunity to learn new things.

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Upskill yourself with IBMR – Top B School in Delhi NCR

Being one of the top management colleges in Gurgaon, IBMR offers a unique blend of traditional academic values ​​and contemporary academic programs. IBMR is one of the best institutes for MBA in Delhi where you get access to a learning community with bright minds and enriching educational exposure to the corporate world.


IBMR BSchool

IBMR Group of Institutions was established in 1999 and within a short span of time, IBMR becomes one of the Top B-Schools in Delhi NCR.

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