3 Ways To Prevent Your Android Smartphone From Instantly Crashing


These days many people spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on PCs with 87% of employees using their mobile device for work most waking hours. But with the addictive nature of our devices is also comes the price of feeling detached when they’re not in use and frustrated when they don’t work like we want them to. In this article I share three ways you can prevent your Android smartphone from crashing- phone hygiene, understanding your battery, and simple causes for why your device might be experiencing issues Remember those days when you used to count the hours before your battery would die? Those days are long gone as we’ve come so far with advances in technology for developing longer-lasting and more powerful batteries. That said, there are certain things you can do to help ensure that your phone’s battery is at its healthiest and longest-lasting state which we’ll speak about in this article!

Why Do my Smartphone Start Crashing?

Here are three reasons why your smartphone can crash:

  1. Regular software updates
  2. Operating system upgrades
  3. Apps updates

What is Safe Mode in Android?

Safe mode prevents your device from running anything other than the default apps that came installed. This may be important if you download an app that causes your device to misbehave. Safe Mode in Android is a tool to help you fix your phone. It’s an official way of restarting your device while disabling third-party apps that may be causing it. Restarting the phone without third-party apps won’t affect it. Safe Mode allows you to test out different apps and features without any interference from other programs that may be causing the crash. You can also diagnose if hardware, operating system or app problem is causing the crashes in a safe environment. To Read More About Safe Mode in Android Visit Here – IconicBlogger

Can I Get Rid of Malicious Software on my Phone with Safe Mode?

To put it bluntly, this might not be the best idea. If you’re absolutely sure that your phone doesn’t contain any personal information that you want to keep secure, then go ahead and do this if and only if it makes the issue go away (the system partition will not be touched). Please note: Turning off your phone and turning it back on is NOT “safe mode”. Safe Mode is a special low-performance state for your device. It only loads the bare minimum of system resources and paired apps so it frees up resources in the background to use for any running apps. If you want to delete an app, switch to safe mode, open up the file manager and find its package name. Once you find this information, you click on it to see what drives are associated with it.

How to Enable or Disable System Utilities in Safe Mode

If it is not clear, Safe Mode by Android is a diagnostic and troubleshooting function. It lets you test and uses your phone (or tablet) with all the software running without any other modifications or hijacks. The device will work in an isolated environment, akin to the Recovery Mode offered by manufacturers for other operating systems. One of the many problems with a crashing smartphone is having access to its system utilities. To prevent your phone from crashing in the future, you can enable or disable system utilities in safe mode with a simple 3-second tap.

Wrapping Up

In the world of technology, as much as we might try, crash prevention cannot be a universal thing. But alas! These are three great ideas for those of you who don’t want their phone or tablet crashing often. And it’s never too late to start! These tips may not be as urgent as those problems mentioned previously, but if you’re worried about your phone crashing as a result of one of these issues then you should follow the advice from the blog post. If your device is at 100% and it’s been that way for days then start by updating your apps. Clear out anything unnecessary on your home screen and stop downloading so many things on a whim. Saving an extra backup on a secondary account is a smart move as well.

To Read More About Safe Mode in Android Visit Here – IconicBlogger

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