5 Mistakes Students Make During their Thesis Designing – Students Guide in 2022

The importance of research in teaching cannot overstate. The act of research is instructive and aids in developing various abilities, including critical thinking and data collection. Which will come in handy in university and afterward. Students are encourage to devote part of their time to research from the beginning of their university careers. The student won’t be able to become a capable researcher in a short period, but consistency in efforts will undoubtedly make things more straightforward.

The research design sets the decision-making procedures, investigational conceptual framework, and analysis methodologies to answer the study’s core research challenge. Taking the effort to create a detailed research design can help one in the following ways:

  • Organize their thoughts
  • Define the scope of their research
  • Increase the dependability of their findings
  • Decrease the inaccuracy rate of conclusions. 

The incorrect or underdeveloped part of the research design would result in the suffering of the research’s total worth. The poor research results in the diminished quality and dependability of the final conclusion. To be safe, students can consider taking essay help from professionals. 

However, students frequently do ineffective research, which is evident in the low quality of research papers they produce. Even Ph.D. Candidates are susceptible to some frequent paper-writing errors. Research Article Publication proves helpful when one gets stuck in writing a research paper.

Students make a few frequent faults while writing research papers. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A Poorly Defined Research Problem: 

In the social sciences, most new research begins with formulating a problem statement and developing questions that address the problem because it will define the research design students will employ. Keep in mind that defining the research topic always comes before choosing a design. The article should explain and explicitly delimit the problem and state the aim of the examination. 

  • Not figuring out the Statement of Problem:

One cannot begin their investigation without a Statement of Problem. Once a student is done with the research and has settled on a topic, think about why he has chosen the topic. He should state the answer in the research paper. Make sure your chosen topic is not broad and should not give multiple meanings (professionalessayservice, 2021). 

However, you may be questioned about why you picked the subject in the first place. There is literature accessible, to be sure, but the real question is whether your research will help solve a problem. In other words, after conducting a study, have you identified an area in the topic where a problem continues, and do you aim to propose a viable solution? Your study must have a goal, which a statement of difficulties may provide. You should mention the issue that must be solved, and your study will be a start in the right direction.

Your research design should include one or more questions or hypotheses concerning the research topic that your study is based on. They should be well-articulate and directly relate to the paper’s overarching goals. Although there is no set number of questions or hypotheses that should be addresse by a research topic, most social science studies cover one to five major questions.

  • The study has a weak theoretical foundation:

Your study subject must derive from previous research. In other words, your study must address a noticeable gap in the literature that hasn’t been thoroughly investigate or lacks analysis in a particular setting. Your proposal must have a solid theoretical foundation to persuade your university that your issue would fill a need in the research. In other words, you must validate that you have completed the required reading and are conversant with the current study. You’ll need to present an integrated assessment of previous research and clearly point out the theoretical gap. 

The following are some of the most dominant symptoms of an unstable theoretical base: 

  • There is a general lack of sources and a preference for personal opinions and stories over scholarly reading. 
  • Failure to recognize and discuss essential findings and literature in the field. 
  • Using low-quality sources such as blog postings, personal websites, opinion articles, and so on. 
  • Using ancient sources and failing to include newer research that builds on the classics. 

While a complete literature analysis is not often require at the proposal stage, you must justify your subject by establishing a need for your research, i.e., the literature gap. As a result, make sure you invest the time to fully understand your field’s current knowledge situation. You express that expertise in your proposal by basing your subject justification on a solid foundation of reputable literature.

  • The research design is not articulated well:

After you’ve established a compelling case for the need of your research, your research proposal must address the “how” – that is, the research design and technique you intend to use. At the very least, you should include information on the following: 

  • Your research should consist of research philosophy: positivism, interpretivism, and logicality. 
  • The technique you will employ to conduct research is the research methodology: inductive, deductive, qualitative, and quantitative.

There will be a multitude of references in each research article you read. If you read an excellent research paper, you’ll note how careful the author is regarding the references he uses. There are far too many unauthentic, poorly written, copy-pasted papers available, particularly online, and referring to any of them will lower the quality of your work. Always use legitimate reference material, such as articles from refereed, peer-reviewed, and indexed journals; avoid relying on extremely old publications for support, and so on. Do not believe that randomly typing keywords into a search engine and citing whatever information comes up will help you write an excellent report.


Students must know what research papers take to complete. Each section of your research report should take a few days to complete. Simply reading literature and taking notes on what you find without proving, for example, a causal effect link in your study is futile. To conduct high-quality research, one must have patience. 

Research papers bear an essential role in education. They even add the golden points to one’s resume. So, if one is severe regarding their education must consider these points as mentioned earlier. 

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