5 Of My Favorite Types of Pocket Knives for Everyday Carry

One of the best tools to use on a routine basis as of late is a pocket knife. It has come up as a problem solver for routine problems. It is basically a small folding knife with a small blade that can be folded inside the handle. The blade is small but has immense sharpness and strength to accomplish everyday cutting tasks. It is quite easy to carry, thanks to its foldable blade. Also, it is simple to use. Pocket knives are easily the best everyday carry tools. There is a massive range of these folding knives but I have my picks from them. There are five knives that I consider carrying on a routine basis. Here are the top 5 types of pocket knives you can consider carrying on a daily basis!

  1. Spring Assisted Knife

A spring assisted knife is also called an assisted opening knife and is one of the best pocket knives. It is known for its spring mechanism which makes it quite durable. This is the reason I love this particular knife. It has a spring installed in it. To deploy the blade, you have to partially open the blade. In other words, you need to open the blade to some extent. As you do so, the spring makes it open completely, and the blade is completely deployed. There is not any chance of malfunctioning. Therefore, it is a durable and long-lasting knife. Also, it is a perfect knife for everyday carry. It has a small but very sharp and sturdy blade to be used for routine cutting work.

  1. Folding Knuckle Knife

A folding knuckle knife is another folding knife I love. It is basically a combination of two things, a knuckle, and a knife. As it is a replica trench knife that was used during the First World War. It is now being used as a self defense weapon to deal with the attackers. In my case, it works as an EDC tool as well as a self defense weapon for me. I can use it against the attackers to beat the hell out of them. I can deliver punches with the knuckles and also use the blade to cause severe injuries. In addition, I can use the blade for accomplishing my routine cutting work. Similarly, it works as my Halloween costume.

  1. Straight Razor

A straight razor seems quite odd in this list.  However, it is one of my favorite pocket knives. It is basically a razor with a blade that can be folded inside the handle. What makes it a perfect tool to carry is that it can assist in several tasks. For instance, it can be used to get that perfect shave, thanks to its razor-sharp blade. In addition, that razor-sharp blade can be used to cut anything. Hence, it can be an everyday carry knife to get routine cutting tasks done with ease.

  1. Karambit Pocket Knife

One of my favorite pocket knives is the karambit. It is a knife with a small folding blade and is basically a knife that comes from the Philippines and is known for its curved blade. It was used in agriculture work and for self defense. Today, it is used mainly as a self defense knife. I use it for several purposes. I can use it in my backyard to cut grass and branches. The blade has the strength to cut different things. In addition, the curved blade makes it an ideal slashing knife. Therefore, it is equally good as a combat and self defense weapon. I can use it against the attackers to save myself from the attackers.

  1. Tanto Pocket Knife

My fifth and final knife is the tanto pocket knife. It is another knife I love because of its strength. It has a tanto blade and is known for its strength. A tanto blade is quite thick and can be used for heavy-duty cutting work. Therefore, this is my knife when I have to accomplish some heavy-duty cutting work. In addition, I can carry it on a routine basis in order to use it for self defense against the attackers. I have cool collection of knives if you visit once. So, these were my top 5 pocket knives!

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