5 types of bracelets design for parties

Parties are events that people love attending. It’s such a great way to socialize, eat, drink and just have fun in conversations. Of course, some parties involve games and activities too so that the attendees are engaged. These are also occasions when one can choose to dress up and some parties require a dress code too. Men and women can accessorize with jewellery and other items to look their best. Bracelets are one such versatile pieces of jewellery that can be worn to special events. Here are five designs or styles for bracelets that are suitable for parties.

Bangle style

The bangle style is the most common bracelet style and is well-loved because it is simple to wear. There are no clasps and the wearer simply puts his or her hand through to get it on their wrists. The variations for the bangle style bracelet are many. When we think of bangle style, we think of one single piece. However, your design can include multiple bangles attached loosely or stuck close together. In some designs two bangles have metal or stone patterns in between them, making it one piece of jewellery.

Interlocked chain

The interlocked chain design is created by interlocking links made of metal. They can be studded with diamonds or any type of stone that you prefer. They come with clasps and can bejewel any hand. Various colour combinations can be added by using coloured precious or semi-precious stones on precious metal bands. It is one of the new modern designs which are loved and worn by both men and women. It is a unisex design and will look great on men as well.


A tennis bracelet design is a classic, popular one for bracelets. These can be called minimalist because the design is quite simple. It has symmetrical patterns typically made of precious stones and connected with a thin metal chain. The stones added are all of the same shape and size. Buyers can get diamond tennis bracelet hatton garden at great prices and can be used to accessorize during a party too. It is a simple piece of jewellery that can make hands look good.

engagement rigns


These types of bracelets have charms or small jewelled ornaments attached to them. These charms usually dangle from the bracelet which can be made in a bangle or clasp style. The charms usually have some meaning to the wearer. One can attach new charms to the bracelet as and when new life events take place. A charm bracelet is an excellent accessory for a party and one can wear it at other events too.

Woven pattern

A simple clasp bracelet can have a weave-like design. Some metals can be designed to look like a woven strip adorning the hand. One can also have variations on this by keeping it plain or adding stones such as a sapphire hatton gardens. Precious stones make any bracelet a bit more blingy and special than simple ones.

Know what you are looking for. The professional behind the counter will help you decide. It is planned and they will introduce you to the process, but if you do not narrow it down in your mind, you will be shocked. Do some research online. There are hundreds of great jewelry sites where you can see the cuts of different styles and diamonds. It would also be helpful to ask your girlfriend what she likes. If you follow these 3 simple steps when looking at engagement rings, I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how stress-free they are.

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