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5 ways of YouTube video marketing might increase your popularity

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start using YouTube video marketing for your company. Videos rule the digital sphere. They have surpassed conventional forms of content marketing and are currently dominating the field of digital marketing.


Our attention is drawn to YouTube video marketing because we are visual creatures. OptinMonster’s 2018 survey found that 79% of consumers preferred watching a video over reading about a product.


Both the figures and the outcomes are truthful. According to the same poll, businesses that include videos in their marketing strategy receive 66 percent more high-quality leads each year. It’s more than double that amount!


What Justifies YouTube Marketing?


You’ll need a YouTube video marketing strategy if you want to compete in the contemporary market, but you might be wondering “How do I get started?” We’ll go over the top five methods for using video marketing to increase sales today.


1) YouTube videos are an organic way to draw in new clients.


In a market dominated by pay-to-play marketing strategies, video marketing has a special and compelling ability to naturally attract leads. It’s a method of retaining leads for a very long time.


If you have a well-optimized YouTube video, you may increase audience retention right away by turning viewers into subscribers. Your videos will maintain audience interest and perform well over time.


This indicates that you have a consistent flow of leads that you can develop with top-notch video content.


Short facts:


Videos have a 52 times higher chance of showing up on Google’s front page.


Three times as many inbound links are directed to blog entries containing videos as to those without. In order to rank highly for that content, make sure your video’s title contains the crucial keywords.


2) Email Click-Through Rates Rise as a Result of Videos


Video marketing is incredibly effective when used in conjunction with other traditional and digital marketing strategies. It’s a fantastic strategy to quickly engage your audience and effectively convey a message. Videos are a great compliment to your email marketing efforts because they are also quite intimate.


Email marketing has always needed a human element to be successful. You send each subscriber personalised content with an engaging subject line that is tailored to their interests.


By inserting a video message from the CEO, a cuisine they’ll appreciate, or a tour of a housing complex you’re working on, you can take video to the next level.


Videos immerse the viewer in your brand, regardless of the project. They believe they are speaking with you directly, which boosts brand credibility and trust.




A video can raise click-through rates by 200–300% in an email marketing campaign.


Email subject lines with “video” in them have a 19% higher open rate.


Use programmes like GoVideo by VidYard to quickly click, record, and insert videos from your webcam into your emails. We noticed a 60% increase once we started including videos in our cold outreach letters.


You’re urging your email subscribers to subscribe to your YouTube channel when you send an email with a YouTube video promotion service attached.


3) Videos Increase Visitor Conversion on Your Landing Pages


Visitors to your landing pages are looking to learn more about your business. If you employ videos, people will stay on your page longer, giving your brand message more time to make an impression. To increase your credibility, appear in the video along with one of your staff members. Copy cannot accurately recreate human interaction in the same way that video can. Time is precious to people, and they are stressed for time. Many individuals would prefer to watch and hear your sales presentation rather than read it.


We’ve used videos to direct people to our customers’ landing pages, and we’ve then added movies to those sites that either directly result in a product sale or persuade viewers to sign up for their mailing list by offering a Free Lead Magnet. Potential clients will see you and your company when your films are prominently displayed on a landing page.




Embedding movies on landing pages can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.


Video offers the highest return on investment of any content type, according to 51% of marketers.


4) Videos Can Boost Consumer Interest in a Product

Videos are quite personable. You may instantaneously connect with your clients’ emotions using video marketing and produce sales that are motivated by feelings.


Videos can help your viewers learn more about your products, their uses, and capabilities before they make a purchase. Customers can visualise themselves using your items in comparable scenarios when you model them in movies. A written product description does not considerably generate the same level of interest as a film does.



After watching a product-related video, 64% of buyers are more inclined to make an online purchase.


Customers want to feel good about their purchases, and successful video marketing is the best way to make them feel good.


5) You Can Target Many Potential Customers With YouTube Ads


Did you know that about 35% of all online advertising spending is now made up of video ads? You may target highly specific demographics, interests, words, and even individual videos with YouTube advertising. Using YouTube advertising is the best way to instantly engage your audience, whether your goal is to increase brand recognition, attract new customers, or launch a remarketing campaign.


You can utilise video advertising to reach your audience in a number of different ways, such as:


Google is aware of the preferences of your clients based on their age, gender, and income levels.


Placements: Get your advertisement on specific websites, videos, and channels. Target customers depending on the search terms they entered into Google or YouTube.


Retargeting allows you to communicate with potential customers who have seen your videos or visited your website.


You can create a campaign that is extremely targeted by using videos in your advertising spending. Videos engage and hold your audience’s attention for a considerable amount of time.



Viewers are 73% more likely to act after watching a video showcasing a good or service (Tubular Insight)


With an average CTR of 1.84 percent, video ads have the highest click-through rates of all digital ad formats (Invesp)


Video is shared 1,200 percent more often than links and text combined, according to Simply Measured.


Additional Details Regarding YouTube Marketing


At Video Boosters Club, it is our goal to advance your video marketing. We are fully authorised by YouTube and have over 20 years of marketing and video experience. We’ve made a video on the topic if you’re interested in finding out more about how to leverage video content as a powerful marketing strategy.


When it comes to content marketing for your organisation, there is no one size fits all approach. To find out what works best, test using YouTube video promotion businesses as part of your campaign. Keep checking back for additional advice on using videos to market your business, and don’t forget to subscribe.

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