6 Greatest Challenges Faced By Our Engineering Education System

Do you know that an engineering degree is considered the most pursuable path for students in Pakistan? The reason behind this attitude is the myth that engineering is the most highly paid career. The student holding an fsc pre engineering degree passing out from international pre-engineering college is dreaming to become an engineer. Not due to his passion but due to the income he is dreaming of after becoming an engineer. 

Similarly on the other hand the students with the fsc pre medical degree are passing out from international pre medical college in bulk. But all of the students are not getting admissions in engineering and medical universities on merit. Some of them get enrolled in self-finance programs. The students that are unable to grab the seat on merit or self-finance consider their career to be dead. This is the wrong approach. Not getting admission to engineering or medical college is not the end of the world. Follow your passion and you can have an attractive amount of money from other available fields.

Let me tell you the fact that almost more than 50,000 engineers holding the PEC card of PEC are unemployed. In the above paragraph, we have discussed that a small number of students are able to get enrolled in engineering college. Even that small number is unable to get the job. More than 80% of engineering students are jobless or not working in their studied field. 

I know you people want me to stop hurting engineers and want to know the cause of this unemployment. Given below are the challenges that are faced by our engineering systems. If we can overcome these challenges our placement rate can increase and every engineer can get the job. 

Challenges Faced By Education System:

  • Ordinary Campuses
  • No Proper Training
  • Faculty and Missing Resources
  • Outdated Syllabus
  • Lack Of Live Projects
  • No International Content For Learning

Ordinary Campus:

Ordinary Campuses do not attract recruiters. They prefer huge and well-reputed campuses on ordinary tier 2 colleges with more talented students. The student who has completed his fsc pre engineering from any international pre engineering college and doesn’t fall in the merit list of well-reputed engineering college and is unable to pay the fee of self-finance. There is no choice left for him other than taking admission to tier 2 college. This is the main cause that so many talented engineers are jobless in Pakistan.

Solution: The only solution for this problem is that the recruiters should visit the tier 2 colleges for a talent hunt. I can guarantee that they will find the finest engineers on these campuses.

No proper Training:

Few colleges in Pakistan are providing proper training and internships to their students to build up their skills at a highly professional level. Many other colleges lack this skill due to which the recruiter does not prefer tier 2 colleges. Tier 2 colleges have a huge number of talented students and they deserve good jobs.


Tier 2 engineering colleges must include proper training in their curriculum along with internships in reputed companies so that the students can get proper command of their area of interest and can grab a better opportunity to pursue their professional careers.

Faculty and Missing Resources:

We can’t unsee the fact that we do have a great deficiency of experienced and well-educated teachers to enhance the standards of the engineering system. This is one of the major facts due to which a lot of our engineers are jobless or forced to do the tasks that are not in their domain.


Colleges should increase their budget for teachers so that highly qualified teachers can come and enlighten the brains of students with their teachings. Colleges should welcome international professors for teaching. It will massively enhance the education standards of our engineering colleges and the placement rate will also increase.

Outdated Syllabus:

Most of the colleges of Pakistan are not evolving themselves with time. We know the world is evolving day by day. If you want to be in the race you have to be updated with every evolving technique. The engineering colleges in Pakistan are going with the traditional knowledge of engineering holding to the terms and techniques of the past that are not even working in modern-day engineering. This is the main reason due to which the engineers are suffering a lot in the market. Market trends are evolving but unfortunately, our education system is not.


Colleges must evolve with the evolving world. They should have updated knowledge of all the modern-day terms and techniques. So that the upcoming engineers can have the knowledge of current situations of the market.

Lack of Live Projects:

It is one of the major reasons behind not producing quality engineers in Pakistan. Engineering students should have the opportunity to work on live projects from their colleges. It will boost up their confidence. They will also get market exposure along with the latest knowledge of market trends. Live projects will definitely improve the quality of fresh engineers.


Every college should make the placement of students to the live projects during their degree. Or the internship on the live projects during the degree should be compulsory.

No international Content For Learning:

Engineering colleges in Pakistan lack international knowledge. They do not teach their students about international trends in their fields. The teaching of case studies of international projects is rare. The colleges that are going through case studies are not updating their study material. This is the reason for the low quality of engineers in Pakistan.


Colleges can easily overcome this problem by adding modern case studies in the syllabus of engineering. With which the curriculum will get a bit advanced. Due to which the students will be able to learn the modern, international problems in the engineering market.


Engineering is the dream of every student holding an fsc pre engineering degree. By taking count of all the above points we can make it more productive and effective. Every problem with its solution is in the above-given article. By following them we can enhance the quality of our engineers. This will result in more placements and the number of unemployed engineers will decrease eventually.

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