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I’m going to share with you my top 5 best movies of all time. I’ve always been a huge fan of Hollywood movies and whether it was a movie scene or a character that made me think “wow, this was great”, it was always my favorite. You can check out the latest thrilling, action, romantic, and comedy movies and serials ever at this 9xmovies. Growing up, I would watch all of the top movies from the Academy Award Winners to the worst films that came out at the box office. It seemed like they were always on my television when I was growing up. I would catch them both in the theater and the VHS. Some of my favorites are.

Space Shuttle

The Deer Hunting (Movie: Space Shuttle) This movie took me by complete surprise the first time I saw it. I knew it was going to be a great film because of the director but when I walked into the theater I had no idea what to expect. The movie was about an agency that hunts deer on space shuttles and it’s about an older couple that own a boarding house and are having problems. This is one of my top 5 best movies of all time.

When Harry Met Sally

It’s a Wonderful Life (Movie: When Harry Met Sally) This movie was another amazing movie by Eddie Murphy. It tells the story of a man who meets Sally, a beautiful woman, and has been transported to her home by her parents. This movie was very well written and also stars Steve McQueen.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park (Movie: Jurassic Park) This movie continues the wonder of dinosaur movies. When we first see the dinosaurs in this movie they look terrifying and if you’re a dinosaur lover this is not a good movie for you. But if you don’t care for dinosaurs then this is a great movie to hate. My favorite top 5 best movies of all time are Jurassic Park, Jaws, Star Wars, and Finding Nemo.

The Interview

The Interview (Movie: The Interview) This movie stars James Bond villain, Migma 6. This movie was directed by Guy Ritchie and featured Sean Connery. In the movie, Connery plays a top-level CIA agent that goes to India to get the head of a terrorist. He does and the Indian Government has some men framed for killing the agents. The movie ends with Bond rescuing the two agents and then they go on a wild goose chase to save the two men. This movie is a fun spy action film and some of the special effects were quite impressive.

The Imitation Game

Edward Scissorhands (Movie: The Imitation Game) This movie stars Johnny Depp as the strange-looking, fingerless guy who dances to the music played on the FM radio station. The 9xmovies movie is about a young man who is obsessed with learning to be like his favorite stage magician. He wants to be like Scissorhands but he needs help to do it.

Because they are the things you will love

These are just a few of the top 5 best movies of all time. They are all incredibly entertaining 9xmovies and every single one of them is a classic in its own right. You should take the time to watch each of these movies because they are something you would enjoy.

It’s a story about a hunter who gets captured

The movie that makes this list is The Deerhunter. This is a story about a hunter who becomes possessed by a werewolf and goes on a violent quest across the woods to find his long-lost son. The 9xmovies trailer makes this movie look and sounds exciting, which is evident by the massive amount of ticket requests it receives every day.

Fight Club

Another movie on the must-watch list is Fight Club. This movie is directed by David Fincher and is based on the book by Mike Barrack. You can check out the latest thrilling, action, romantic, and comedy movies and serials ever at these extramovies today. The movie chronicles the internal conflicts of a group of Chicago drug dealers as they band together to take on the criminal organizations that threaten their business. This movie just makes the spine tingle because it is so intense and realistic.


Spider-Man 3. This movie continues the exploits of Peter Parker aka Spiderman. picks up after the events of Spider-Man 2. It is directed by Sam Raimi and screened in 3D. It was a very interesting movie that had some great special effects and a well-written screenplay. I am looking forward to the other movies 9xmovies in the franchise, The New Avengers and The Ultimate Spider-Man.

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