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A Complete Manual For House Cladding Wood Look

Currently, WPC outperforms every other house cladding wood look material available on the market, and nearly every provider wants to utilize it as wall paneling. They really have a far better option than that: WPC external wall cladding. WPC cladding has several distinctive features that WPC decking does not since wall siding is used to cover the home rather than the flooring. But first, let’s examine how the WPC external wall cladding functions so well. Discover more by reading on!

The best option for cladding is WPC exterior wall covering. With a mixture of recycled plastic and wood, WPC may imitate the real house cladding wood look without the disadvantages and trick the untrained eye. In the building industry, this brilliant alternative is frequently utilized for composite deck flooring, fences, and external cladding. House cladding plastic, which combines recycled polymers and wood, is a low-maintenance alternative that offers advantages including durability and consistent aesthetics. In conclusion, you may utilize WPC external wall cladding and get several advantages from it.

WPC Exterior Wall Cladding Benefits


WPC Exterior Wall Cladding Benefits

As was previously indicated, there is a growing market need for composite exterior wall panels, and this desire is not irrational. Let’s examine hausverkleidung kunststoff in more detail to discover what it has to offer.

Beauty Appeal

Installing WPC external wall cladding, which is readily available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, is not only the best option to completely transform the appearance of your modest home, but it also greatly increases your home’s market value.

Greater Protection

House cladding plastic is an excellent way to drastically boost a building’s mechanical strength and provide an extra layer of security. These structures are resistant to a number of issues, including fractures brought on by temperature changes, water absorption, and pollution. Furthermore, because the layer serves as a barrier against pests and termites damaging your lovely property, you won’t have to worry about them.


Its endurance is one of the primary reasons architects, builders, and homeowners choose to install WPC exterior cladding. This results from the material’s extended lifespan and the usage of certified recycled plastic and wood in its production.

Extremely airtight

This composite outside cladding offers an additional layer of insulation that lowers outdoor noise levels and maintains the inside temperature of the structure at a constant level throughout the year, cutting down on power bills. WPC wall cladding also stops moisture from penetrating the interior.

Easily Maintained

Installing composite exterior wall panels has the additional benefit of requiring less maintenance. These exquisite panels do not require painting, staining, sealing, or oiling to make them seem attractive, unlike hausverkleidung holzoptik. We have information on how to install WPC external wall cladding now that you are aware of some of the numerous advantages of doing so at your home.


It is essential to plan forward for what will come before beginning any work. Here are a few things to watch out for: 

Read the product manual in its entirety. Make sure there is no moisture or other wetness on the surface of your walls. Gather all the necessary basic equipment, including a rubber mallet, an electric drill, screws, and other items. Obtain assistance from a professional, a friend, or a family member.



You may begin the installation once you have gone through everything you require. Start by aligning the clips with a plumbline before screwing the clips into position. After drilling a hole through the cladding with an electric drill, properly fasten the board in place with the help of screws. For every other board, repeat these procedures.

Detail Enhancement

In order to maximize your installation, you should also make sure of the following before installing: In order to keep the cladding wood look from deteriorating, it is imperative to allow a 3mm gap between each board. The cladding board should not be hung more than 20 mm above a batten since doing so increases the risk of the board breaking.

Consider Purchasing Better Co-Extrusion Cladding

Consider Purchasing Better Co-Extrusion Cladding

Interested in purchasing house cladding plastic? With a broad variety of fashionable, cost-effective solutions for super co-extrusion cladding to outperform the competition, Wallong, one of the biggest manufacturers in China with more than 8 years of expertise in this field, has you covered.


It is crucial for you to choose superior co-extrusion cladding if you want high-quality WPC exterior wall cladding that will last for years to come. This will not only ensure an attractive finish but also a long-lasting, environmentally friendly way to prevent rot, maintain the ideal temperature, and much more. The composite exterior wall panel is UV stable, low maintenance, and resistant to water.



We offer high-quality, cutting-edge composite goods all over the world. Being a top WPC producer, we are renowned for our R&D work, utilization of cutting-edge technology, and stringent quality control, guaranteeing that every product is expertly completed and delivered securely.


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