A Good Hospital Certainly Improves The Quality of Life

The health care department of Pakistan has made great progress. A good hospital is a backbone of a good healthcare system. There are a number of best hospitals in Pakistan that are operating to serve patients with state-of-the-art medical facilities. Gone are the days when people had to take their patients out of the country for better treatment. Today, in Pakistan everything is possible. Every best hospital in Pakistan is super equipped with the latest machinery and facilities equivalent to international standards. 

The best hospitals in Pakistan create awareness among people on multiple issues

The secret to a good hospital lies incompetent doctors. The country has produced some of the best doctors. With time the ratio of doctors is increasing. These best doctors are not only found serving in Pakistan but many of them are practicing in foreign countries. There are numerous government hospitals in Pakistan and many private hospitals are also working. All of these health care setups ensure the providence of good health along with prevention from catching diseases. As prevention is better than cure. The hospitals emphasize creating a healthy environment for the people. There are few health care setups that create awareness among people on various issues.

The many private hospitals in Multan greatly ease out the people of this region 

Pondering upon the city of saints you would find many government and private hospitals in Multan. These hospitals are providing state-of-the-art medical facilities to the people of south Punjab. The availability of medical facilities has uplifted the living standards of the people in the region. Among many of the Best hospital in Pakistan, the most prominent one is MASH. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital was established in the recent past. The hospital is one of its kind tertiary health care units. It has the capacity to accommodate 500 patients at one time. It certainly stands on the list of the largest hospitals in south Punjab. The hospital had to face some challenges to actively participate in facilitating people.   

The hurdles MASH had to overcome

Well, the biggest hurdle MASH had to overcome was the mindset of the people. As the hospital is located in Multan. It caters to a large number of the population which lives in suburbs of the city. The natives are mostly less educated and also come from conservative backgrounds. This was a big challenge for MASH as the natives didn’t believe in the facility. This mindset made women suffer the most as the people preferred midwives over gynecologists. 

Women encounter many problems during the gestational period

As we all know during the gestation period women need special care and consultation by the doctors. To rule out any risk or complication and have smooth delivery of the baby. For instance, many women suffer from gestational diabetes. Which could lead to major problems. If they don’t visit a good doctor, this problem can affect not only the mother but the baby as well and in severe cases, death may also occur. MASH convinced these people to visit the gynecologist practicing in the hospital. So the quality of their life may improve. MASH created awareness on such matters and today the situation is far better. A report showing a downfall in the death rate of women and children during labor since MASH is operating speaks volumes. It certainly makes MASH credible enough to be one of the best private hospitals in Multan.

MASH successfully dealt with mental problems as well

The other hurdle MASH faced was about convincing people on mental health issues. The hospital has established a clinic called “Spring Clinic”. Spring Clinic is fully devoted to treating patients suffering from mental ailments. The tough part was that people didn’t recognize mental problems as problems and thought of visiting a psychiatrist as taboo. The clinic made them realize that taking care of mental health is as important as taking caring care of physical health. Today, the best psychologists and psychiatrists practicing in the clinic see many patients and help them every day. MASH is backed by Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust (MAST) and the administration ensures that all the patients who are deserving get the needed financial waiver. With all these efforts MASH is certainly the best hospital in Pakistan.  

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