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Acquire Top-Graded Vinyl Panels for Better Operation of Cannabis Grow Room Wall Panels

Duramax PVC Wall Panels is one of the reputed and trusted manufacturers of vinyl grow room walls in the USA. We have provided a good range of vinyl panels to various businesses. Such as cannabis grow rooms, meat packaging units, commercial kitchens, fisheries, and much more. Duramax’s vinyl panels have a good shelf life period of 40-45 years. Therefore, they do not peel off, rust, or discolor in the long run. In addition, Duramax’s vinyl panels give 50% labor-saving and 40% less material cost. You can visit our website now and place your customized vinyl panels online. 

Our vinyl panels have ½ inch thickness.  And come in various construction lengths such as 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20. Duramax’s vinyl panels are directly shipped from the factory to your destination in just 2 weeks. Contact our experts today for a free consultation.

Cannabis growers have found comfort in harvesting Cannabis inside the grow room. It has allowed harvesters to keep a check on the growth of cannabis more closely than before. Regular inspection of a cannabis grow room should take place for the healthy growth of cannabis. Cannabis is susceptible to dirt, filth, stains, and bacterial infestation. That vanishes the essential nutrients present inside them. Installation of grow room vinyl panels is highly preferable for ensuring a well sanitized cannabis grow room. Grow room vinyl panels offer an impeccable wall and ceiling cladding solution. They effectively shield the cannabis grow room from harmful elements effectively. Therefore, it makes your cannabis grow room completely safe and hygienic. 

Vinyl Panels Protect Cannabis from Moisture Easily

Moisture is one of those components of the atmosphere.  That can make or break the functioning of a cannabis grow room. An extreme amount of moisture can deteriorate the quality of cannabis. Installation of Trusscore grow room wall panels is essential for maintaining an optimal level of moisture. Vinyl panels are excellent water-resistant cladding materials in contrast to FRP panels. In addition, these panels do not absorb moisture due to the absence of backers. Therefore, vinyl panels keep the moisture content in balance. 

Safeguard Cannabis Grow Room from Bacteria and Molds

Vinyl panels offer an excellent antibacterial solution. They do not have crevices on their surfaces. That do not hide bacteria and molds inside their panels. As a result, the cannabis grow room becomes free from molds and bacteria. Which leads to better growth of cannabis. 

Offers Seamless Installation Method

Grow room vinyl panels give you a quick installation time. The interlocking technology makes it easy to attach panels directly to the studs. One local installer can easily install vinyl panels seamlessly. 

Presence of proper ventilation

The indoor cultivation of cannabis requires proper ventilation. Investing in the purchase of Grow room walls plays an important role. Proper grow rooms will be able to regulate the circulation of airflow in the environment and maintain a suitable temperature for the growth of the cannabis. 

Good airflow will improve the quality of the indoor plants. And it increases their health without killing the plants. Duramax PVC Panels meet the ASTM and FDA standards which make them more durable. 

Easy to install

The US Grow room walls are sensible to callbacks. PVC panels can be installed easily as directly attached to the studs. No other materials such as backers or adhesives are needed during the installation process. This can double the speed with two men for fast installation on time. 

Followed by, the panels are lightweight which makes it easier for transportation and installation. Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally. It depends on the design of your grow room you want to set up indoors. Forgot about the lengthy process for the installation of FRP panels. for your grow rooms by switching to using the PVC grow room panels.


These highly advanced panels offer immense strength and durability to the commercial infrastructure. Vinyl panels have a smooth and polished surface due to the presence of virgin vinyl. Besides, vinyl panels have hidden fasteners that make them look bright and attractive. They can easily arrest moisture growth, which makes the cannabis grow room moisture-free. Vinyl panels can easily fix water infiltration further delamination issues, and unpleasant aesthetics of commercial interiors.

Duramax PVC Wall Panels is one of the credible names in the USA. Our vinyl panels are extremely lightweight, waterproof, and easy to install. Our Trusscore PVC panels played a vital role in the restoration of every small and large-scale commercial interior. Choose vinyl panels for building safe, highly efficient, and pleasant-looking commercial interiors.

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