Advantages of Aftermarket Air suspension as an Upgrade

The automotive industry is making great strides due to the constant advancements in vehicle technology. OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) are now more inclined to commercialize innovative components for automotive vehicles, such as air suspension systems. Manufacturers and suppliers of automotive components are jumping on the bandwagon and focusing more attention on air suspension systems with high-quality design parameters and performance parameters. Those include vehicle ride quality, load capacity, handling, size constraints, and energy consumption.

What is air suspension?

In the early 20th century, air suspension systems at were introduced to the public. With airbags inside, an air spring system replaces traditional springs used in conventional suspensions. This technology has been widely adopted thanks to many technological advances.

Airbag suspension systems can increase the transportability of heavy loads by leveling the suspension. They also reduce noise and vibration. Air suspension systems have become more popular in the commercial sector over recent years. These suspension systems are used by other transport vehicles, such as trucks and trailers.

What are the advantages air suspension provides?

  • Enhanced comfort for the drivers and passengers.

Air suspension cars offer a better ride, which makes them great for everyday driving. Airbag suspension can be adjusted to provide a more comfortable ride even on rough roads. It also improves off-road control. Airbags are better than springs for drivers’ and passengers’ comfort.

  • Decreased vibration and lower noises.

Air suspension has another advantage: it is more wear-resistant than other suspension systems and components. This is especially true for heavy-duty driving. Air suspension helps to smoothen your vehicle’s glide over uneven roads and potholes.

  • Flexibility and adaptability on roads.

The airbag spring system enables drivers to customize the car’s ride and handling to their liking. The driver has the option to choose between a more difficult drive on motorways or a more relaxed feel for driving on challenging roads. This allows the driver to maintain control, no matter what the terrain is like. Air suspension allows for higher speeds and better control when turning corners. The adjustable suspension can lower the vehicle so that drag can be reduced at higher speeds. The capability of raising the vehicle for daily use is also very useful for off-road driving.

  • Adjustability and versatility on loads.

Air suspension also offers load versatility. Air suspension can adjust the height of the car based on the loads it carries. The ‘kneel/raise’ function makes loading much easier. Airbag suspension provides consistency across all wheels. There is less possibility of body roll when turning corners, less risk for breakages, load shifting, and damage because of decreased vibrations. Additionally, larger vehicles can tow more easily due to the suspension’s firmer feel.

  • Stability on corners.

Airbag suspension cars can be adjusted to suit the road surface, which results in better fuel economy. A lower ride height is better for motorway driving which reduces wind resistance. Airbag suspension with better control can allow for faster corner speeds. This may save time on long routes.

Is air suspension worth the money?

Air suspension has its disadvantages, such as the higher cost of installation and maintenance. However, air suspension cars have many benefits. A reliable feature of an air suspension system is the ability to handle any terrain and the ability to transport a variety of load weights. It can also provide better fuel economy.

Is aftermarket airbag suspension reliable as an upgrade?

Many years ago, people worried that airbags couldn’t complete the suspension job well. They could be vulnerable to wear. And they wouldn’t withstand heavy hits. Also, they could be restrictive. These concerns may still be valid in certain cases. Yet, manufacturers, today have spent a lot of time researching and creating modern airbag systems. We’re now seeing that air suspension systems can withstand all these abuses. This makes it more popular in OE applications and performance settings as well as within the off-road market.

So the answer to this question is yes.

The aftermarket airbag suspension kit is reliable. Manufacturers nowadays can offer high-quality components that are as good as OEM parts.

What benefits can aftermarket air ride suspension provide?

A high-quality aftermarket air ride suspension kit usually comes with the following good features.

benefits of air suspension

Performance applications

Air ride systems are very popular in the performance and street driving worlds. It’s more common to have a track car because it has fixed settings. A fixed suspension type is all you really need. Manufacturers are pushing for further development.

Aftermarket air ride kits are popular with streetcars, hot rods, and tuner vehicles. It is standard equipment in high-end vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Why? It adds flexibility to the system. Most performance setups can be matched to ride quality and ride height. You can’t adjust the ride height with adjustable coilovers without having to climb under the car. Even then, it’s possible to only increase your height slightly. Air ride suspension allows you to set your car to a safe and comfortable ride height so you can drive down any bumps or potholes. You can then lower the car when you are ready to show off or go on the track.

Off-road applications

Many enthusiasts wonder if air ride suspension will work well in off-road applications, as it is now available as a factory option for new RAMs. The idea of being able to lift and level your truck at will seems ideal for people who need factory ride height and more ground clearance for street use.

It is possible to make it work in practice. For those who do light to moderate off-road but spend most of their time driving, air suspension can be a great option. It’s not the best setup for serious applications. It can cause damage to the components and is not recommended for serious applications.

Yet, you should notice that there’re various kinds of airbag suspension systems available. Those kits on RAMs or some sports cars contain a shock absorber with airbags. However, some other kinds don’t. They only install airbags. The former is obviously suitable for the situation we have mentioned. The latter might be unsafe in these conditions.

Final thoughts

Aftermarket airbag suspension modification is a reliable modification these days. If you want to have a try, visit vigor air ride for further information.

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