Aluminum Decking Versions Handled Wood and Composites

The minimal construction provides flexibility and durability of aluminum. Combined with non-corrosive materials, long life, and minimal environmental impact, aluminum is one of the greenest building materials available. It is made from bauxite ore, the world’s most abundant metal, as well as being the second most refin product that keeps aluminum durable and long-lasting.

Using expanded aluminum and fitted ends customers can get the look, design, and longevity combined with strength for all their outdoor projects. Fountains, decking, and railways built of aluminum are 50+ years old and offer any solution.

Natural oxidization, a white film on the coating, is a stable commission that does not burn like rust on metal. This building makes aluminum steel of choice in many components from the air, transport, building, and marine applications. It quickly rises in the residential construction of decks, docks, railings, and fences.

Other Aluminum Products:

  • Corrosion Resistant Non-Toxic
  • Durable High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Recyclable Non-Magnetic
  • No-Sparking Intangible
  • Attractive Light
  • Resilient Paintable
  • Longevity Works
  • Captured Wood

Timber treated with chromate copper arsenate was eventually banned by EPA for permanent use

Thus, it is still accepted for building construction, post, foundation & marine application. CCA wood leaches arsenic and some of the deadly toxins in our soil and polluted water are the place we hope to enjoy. The study found that 15-year-old native wood caught still has the most yearsenic surface on the surface as well as in the surrounding soil. This toxin easily absorbs through the skin and touches and washes away from its surface into the water that pollutes our lakes and rivers.

Since the CCA ban, some recycled wood aluminum has entered the market which is considered safe, yet they still contain pesticides, fungicides, and other toxins to protect the wood from natural decay. Few studies conduct on the environmental impacts and health concerns of these new products. To be sure, lengthening the display will have a negative effect across the board. Keep in mind, that wood has a short life span and needs a lot of refinement.

The most widely used wood now available is the Alkaline Copper Quaternary. Building with ACQ timber presents new challenges that need to address if we want our projects to be sustainable for more than a few years. Due to the copper thickness, ACQ wood should bond with stainless steel or hot-dipped stainless steel to prevent galvanic reaction between copper and steel causing rapid decay of the alloys. The integrity of the structure will be lost if the high-grade hot-rolled steel or metal fasteners not uss in the entire construction. Look for certified vendors and practice your skills with contracts.

Composite Woods

For the past 10 years wood form, or plastic sticks consider the ‘no fix’ solution for ports and decking. A lot of money has been spent to make the public feel that compost is better than wood and lasts forever. IT IS NOT TRUE.

Composites make from sawdust and recycled plastics mixed with different fungicides, pesticides, and preservatives. Even with all these added chemicals, compost is still forming and contaminating because the wood absorbs the moisture that forms within the growth of the fungus. Most cleansers are very dangerous and only clean the surface leaving the cause untouched.

Wood species are not of the same type

Many manufacturers recommend 12 “OC or less for joints because they make of wood that lowers their weight. Also, some new lines with hollow cores easily pierce by high heels or patio furniture. maps.

With the environment, compost does not just cut it. Yes, they make from the latest consumer waste, however, they quickly become consumer waste that cannot recycle or reused. They associate with many health problems in construction and VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions such as formaldehyde and other toxins associated with cancer, skin diseases, and even respiratory problems.

Several cases report and few resolve by the developers of the alliance. With large advertising budgets, many people tempt to believe that composite decking is a great option. Thus, with a little searching one can spend days reading complaints after complaining about these products. Many manufacturing companies close under one name to reopen under another to prevent warranty issues. Composite wood is definitely a consumer alert product and not even close to ‘no repair’ and ‘lifetime warranty.

Wood Finish Aluminum Extrusion

FONNOV ALUMINIUM manufactures wood finish aluminum extrusions for built-in extruded aluminum products.

Wood finish aluminum looks like wood. The aluminum is very strong.


The buildings of our outdoor residences need to be as clean and green as possible.

We often portray as barefoot and uncluttered when we are at torches and dishes.

Exposure to toxic chemicals from wood or compost is not worth the price.

Aluminum does not cause such health problems and will not rot, rot or contaminate our soil and water. For decoration and unsafe docks and durable life, aluminum is the best choice for our kids today, tomorrow, and forever.

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