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Amazing Tips to Run Instagram Giveaways

Hosting a giveaway campaign is one of the most effective ways to increase Instagram engagement and visibility. Giveaways have repeatedly demonstrated their effectiveness as a marketing strategy for delighting existing followers and attracting new ones. The fundamental premise of an Instagram giveaway is that followers receive something for free in exchange for meeting certain criteria.

What Are The Reasons You Should Consider Hosting A Giveaway?

A well-planned Instagram giveaway event can potentially help you grow your audience. Additionally, it can boost your followers’ loyalty and increase brand engagement. Giveaways are an excellent way to initiate more personal interactions with your followers. Strengthening relationships: Hosting giveaways enables you to develop a more personal and emotional connection with your audience.

Attracts new followers: Organizing Instagram giveaways can help you quickly acquire new followers. A single contest has been shown to increase follower count by nearly 70%.

Creating a brand image: Giveaways can aid in the creation of a brand image. A contest may be held to promote a new product or feature. This enables followers to share brand content and submit their own.

How To Host An Instagram Giveaway That Is A Success?

Running an Instagram giveaway that inspires people requires some planning. It is critical to tie each giveaway decision to your business objectives to achieve the best results. The following are a few of the process’s steps.

  1. Selecting The Giveaway Item

The process begins with selecting the product, experience, or service that you wish to include as a prize. This product should be chosen based on the objective of the event. If the promotion is for a brand, a product can be used as a giveaway. Alternatively, you can offer events such as meetups, vacations, or spa days. The trick is to select a giveaway that your audience will appreciate.

The prize must be enticing for the audience to increase the brand’s Instagram engagement. It is preferable to offer something that is not only consistent with your brand but also valuable. The most effective method for determining this is through a process called interest targeting. This section allows you to examine Instagram Insights, which can provide insight into the type of content that is most relevant to your followers.

  1. Establish The Instagram Contest’s Objective.

After establishing the event’s objective, you develop an effective strategy for hosting the giveaway contest. The purpose of hosting a giveaway can be anything from increasing the number of followers to increasing sales or website traffic.

  1. Establishing Entry Criteria

There are countless ways to customize the entry criteria for your giveaway. This also depends on your ultimate objective. One way to grow your following is to ask your current followers to tag their friends in the giveaway. If you’ve partnered with a brand to host the giveaway, you can request that your audience follow the brand’s page in exchange for receiving the giveaway item.

  1. Create Your Giveaway Following Instagram’s Guidelines.

To ensure the success of your giveaway, it’s best to follow Instagram’s giveaway guidelines. Consider the following points as you organize the giveaway contest:

  • Clearly define the giveaway’s rules.
  • Determine the criteria for eligibility
  • Don’t forget to include information about any regulations, whether they pertain to age, nationality, or anything else.
  1. Brand Collaboration

Collaboration with a brand to host a giveaway event has several advantages. It’s an excellent way to increase traffic to one’s account and allows collaboration with new partners and peer brands. Even new brands can collaborate to enhance their respective brand images.

  1. Make Use Of Hashtags

By including hashtags in the giveaway post, you can help it gain more exposure on the platform. Utilizing compelling and creative hashtags that promote your account on the explore channel can aid in spreading the word about the giveaway.

  1. Incorporate a Time Constraint

Setting a deadline for the giveaway is critical because it helps to instill a sense of urgency in the instagram followers. Additionally, It acts as an incentive for them to enter the contest as soon as possible. After the specified time has passed, you may publish a post announcing the contest’s conclusion.


  1. Spreading The Word About The Giveaway Contest

You can promote the giveaway on other social media platforms by linking to the Instagram post. The most effective strategy for ensuring that the majority sees the post of people is to schedule the launch when users are most likely to engage with the content. Additionally, you can use Instagram’s ad feature to spread the word about the giveaway contest. It’s critical to include information about how simple it is to enter the contest. The objective is to attract an audience and ensure that the post reaches those most likely to sign up.

  1. Results Monitoring

After the giveaway contest has concluded and the winner has been selected, it is time to assess the event’s success. By observing the effect of the giveaway process on the predetermined goal, you can create a future giveaway Instagram campaign that is more successful. You can determine the event’s success by examining Instagram Insights, including data in the Discovery and Interaction reports.

  1. Frequently Used Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Once the purpose of your giveaway is determined, there are numerous ways to host an Instagram giveaway contest. Generally, participants must complete some action to be eligible to enter the contest. Several suggestions for these actions include the following:

  • Like-to-win: One of the most popular methods of holding a giveaway, a like-to-win contest requires followers to like a specific post to be eligible to enter the contest. This will ultimately assist you in increasing engagement.
  • Follow-to-win: This popular strategy requires your audience to like your brand’s Facebook page in exchange for a chance to win the giveaway prize. It is one of the simplest ways to grow your following.
  • ‘Caption this’: ‘Caption this’ is the newest trend on social media platforms. The caption for a particular post is left blank, and users provide caption suggestions in the comments. To increase engagement with your followers, you can try a ‘caption this to win’ giveaway.

Instagram Giveaway Tools

Multiple tools are available to help you plan and execute your Instagram giveaway. Among them are the following:

  • Worries: This tool enables you to run an Instagram campaign from your Instagram profile and website.
  • SweepWidget: On the SweepWidget landing page, you can promote the giveaway. It supports over 90 different entry points and integrates with over 30 social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.
  • Gleam: Facilitates the creation of contests and their real-time tracking.
  • Shortstack: An all-in-one tool for managing the entirety of a giveaway contest, from planning to execution.
  • Type: This was created with the express purpose of managing referral campaigns and conducting giveaway contests.
  • Viral Loops: This tool includes numerous features such as a pre-launch waitlist, email marketing campaigns, and referral tools for hosting giveaways.

You can begin hosting Instagram giveaways to help your brand grow. By following the framework and tips outlined above, you can successfully run a giveaway contest that inspires others.

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