How to wear Animal Contact Lenses on Halloween?

Halloween is a super exciting and scary holiday that people all over the world love to celebrate. Not only does this holiday dates back to medieval times, but some of its traditions are also very ancient. These may include dressing up as spirits, decorating homes with spooky accessories, trivia nights, going trick or treating, or carving interesting shapes into pumpkins. One of the most prominent parts of celebrating Halloween is picking a super blood-chilling and scary costume for Halloween costume parties and trick or treating. What makes your outfit a lot more frightening is the accessories you choose with it and how creative you are with the whole look. Halloween is one of those holidays where you can unleash your artistic skills and creativity in the best way possible. So, please do not shy away from wearing crazy-colored Halloween lenses with your costumes to elevate and transform them completely. 


What are some widespread myths regarding Halloween contact lenses?


Most people do not wear Halloween contact lenses or buy them for the fear that something might go wrong, or they may end up hurting their eyes. As we have mentioned before, most of these are nothing but myths, and we are here to debunk them! Wearing Halloween contact lenses this Halloween may be the best decision you make because it transforms an ordinary costume into the scariest one possible. Here are some of the most famous contact lens-related myths that keep resurfacing on the internet and need some serious debunking!


  • Halloween contact lenses can get lost behind your eye easily

This myth is, in fact, impossible. Since a membrane covers our eye and attaches behind the eyelid, lenses can never get behind your eye or get lost somewhere. So, if you are scared your contacts may get lost in your eye, lose that fear immediately! Nothing of that sort has ever or will ever occur. 


  • They are super uneasy about wearing for more extended periods.

Although contact lenses may have been uncomfortable to wear some years back, new technology has made them smoother and better for contact wearers. Sclera lenses are significantly better in this regard because of the ease with which you can handle them.

  • It’s impossible to take care of contact lenses.

No, it is not impossibly difficult to care for your contact lenses and keep them from getting ruined. You need to keep changing the lenses solution and handle them with gentle and clean hands. 


  • There is a specific age limit to wear contact lenses.

There is no age limit to wear eye lenses; one can wear them at any age as long as one is taking good care of them responsibly. All it comes down to is maturity and your willingness to handle contact lenses. 


  • You can keep your contact lenses in water too.

Never make the mistake of keeping your colored contact lenses in water. This may be the worst myth ever because it ruins your contact lenses.


Animal Looks that you can recreate with Animal Contact Lenses.


Animal looks have always been a hit on Halloween, especially among animal lovers. So, if you are going to an animal-themed Halloween party, here are some of the most adorable looks that you can create and impress adults and kids!


  • The Snow Leopard Look

Snow leopards are magnificent creatures, and recreating one would require all your creativity! You can also create a super vibrant and colorful snow leopard look with the help of an aqua-colored wig and funky makeup. Also, add deep aqua lenses to your face to showcase a snow leopard properly. A furry and cute top with ice blue pants would be an excellent option for this look.


  • The Infamous Cat Look

Cat-eye lenses are exceptionally famous because of how unique they look. Available in various colors and designs, these lenses make your eyes look spooky and other-worldly. Doing a cat makeup look is not much hard too, and you can efficiently work your way around it. You can also get a variety of cat-themed Halloween costumes from your nearest spooky store and also add tails, whiskers, and cat ears to your look.


  • Colorful Dragon Look

Dragons have always held a lot of mystical power and are a source of fascination among fiction lovers, young people, and adults. Moreover, recreating the scaly dragon skin and adding hyper-realistic prosthetics to your look may help you enhance it. There are some fantastic dragon animal-colored lenses that you can opt for this look. They make your eyes look very different and not human at all! As far as the costume is concerned, either go for a satin gown or anything that makes you feel like a dragon. This part is entirely up to your liking and depends entirely on your creativity to put pieces together and come up with an incredible Halloween look; that earns you a lot of praise!

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