Are You Cleaning Your Car B-Wasing A Pressure Washer? (7 Steps)

With the ability of creating water with greater pressures and consuming less water when cleaning your car and is much more efficient than an ordinary garden hose. This also helps make the process simpler and speedier.

This is the best way to reduce effort and time spent in car cleaning. Another question for those who are first-timers could be “how do you clean your car using Pressure washer?”

The process of pressure washing your car is easy, but you must take care when you do it. Make sure you select and change to the correct nozzle, and to spray at a distance as well as at a downward angle.

What You’ll Need for this Tutorial

For the best car cleaning results while cleaning your car using an air pressure washer it is essential to utilize the correct cleaning products and tools. If you don’t have an electric pressure washer available, you could take your car to a self-serve car wash to use a pressure washer for cleaning your vehicle. In any case, here is the list of items you’ll need:

1. Car Pressure Washer

The best pressure washer for washing cars would be one that is electric. The power of the electric pressure washer is sufficient to wash off road dirt, bird droppings and other particles. Avoid using gas pressure washers in comparison the electric ones. They are far too powerful to do a job as light as washing cars or truck.

settings for washing your car that is safe to use and won’t cause damage to your vehicle is 1200 to 1900 PSI.

Another important feature for a car’s Pressure washer includes the correct GPM (gallons per minute) that is the amount that water flows per minute of which ranges from 1.4-1.6 GPM.

2. 25-Degree, 40-Degree, and Soap Nozzle, and Soap

There are various pressure washer nozzles that have distinct capabilities. This makes it ideal to rinse pre-wash, particularly on the truck bed, and on surfaces that are muddy on the car.

  • The nozzle is 40 degrees (white) It is able to effectively clean large areas in a short time and is therefore suitable to pre-wash the surface of a car , as well as to rinse detergent off cars.
  • Soap sprayer (black) It is the nozzle that is used to spray soap onto the car.

3. Pressure Washer-Compatible Detergent

There are special detergents designed for use when the process of pressure washing cars. Be sure to make use of that particular best car wash soap whenever washing your vehicle.

4. Cloth

In the event that your machine does not come with a tank for spraying detergent, simply apply detergent using the help of a cloth.

5. Foam Cannon

A foam cannon is an alternative option for applying detergent in the event that the pressure washer you are using doesn’t come with a tank for detergent. Any foam cannon is able to be attached to the majority of pressure washers.

Even the pressure washer you have contain a detergent tank you can still strengthen the pressure washer by using the use of a foam cannon. This will boost the amount of foam produced and reduce scratches by lifting dirt and dirt particles on your car and permits a thorough cleaning, leaving no smudges.


Two buckets of water

In certain instances it is the simple application of a pressure cleaner can do the job. However, if a lot of dirt is spotted on your vehicle it will also require scrubs using a solution. Therefore, you will require 2 buckets of water. One to mix with soap and the other to rinse the mitts you use to scrub.


Microfiber Wash Mitt

The microfiber washing mitts are the ideal solution for scrubbing your car’s surfa cesince it’s soft and entraps the grit it pulls off the car, ensuring its surface clean as in a smooth and scratch-free.

8. Microfiber Towel

The use of a microfiber cloth is suggested for drying your car because it’s a soft and absorbent towel that is able to dry your vehicle with no streaks.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The toys for boys is very excellent company said that utilizing a pressure washer for cleaning your car can make your job much simpler. However, to get the best outcomes, you have to be cautious. Learn the correct method of cleaning your vehicle using an extremely high-pressure hose in the following article:

Step 1. Find a parking spot Ideal to use for pressure Washing

It is best to park your car in a wide open space such as the street or driveway. There shouldn’t be other vehicles or objects that could be sprayed with water or damaged when you’re applying pressure washers to your vehicle. There must also be an outlet that allows you to plug into the electrical pressure washer.

Step 2. Rinse the car to remove Dirt and other debris

When you are ready to wash your car, ensure that the car’s windows the doors, hood and trunk are shut to keep the interior of your vehicle from becoming damp. Plug into the electric washer your power source.

Also, you should ensure your water pressure that comes via the electrical washer doesn’t get overly powerful by testing the by spraying it on your ground. After that, give your vehicle an effective pre-wash by cleaning off all dirt and other debris. It is going to begin using an nozzle with a 25-degree angle, which sprays the wheels and the tires.

It is recommended to be at least at least a foot away from the car while spraying water on your vehicle. However, when spraying parts that are fragile such as side mirrors, windows or headlights, as well as brake lights, you need to be able to move back.

It is recommended to start spraying water starting from the topand work downwards. Be sure to spray not straight, instead, spray in a downward direction to ensure that you don’t damage the paint of your car.

3. Spray the Detergent onto the car

Make the car wash mixture by diluting the solution by adding water. Then , pour it into the detergent tank. Change the nozzle into one that is soap.

But there are some pressure washers that don’t come with tanks for detergent. If yours does not then you could apply the soap for car washing using your hands with a towel or make use of a foam cannon.

Simply remove the cannon from it’s detergent container. then fill the container with automobile wash solution, then screw the cannon back into the container, and then insert in the washer.

You can also alter the sud output by using the fan adjuster, and change the output from soap to water by using soap adjustment.

It is also important to start spraying at an area of 2 or three feet.

It is then time to gradually move closer in a way to rid yourself of hard mud and bugs, if you need to. The soap should rest for five minutes prior to washing it off.

Step 4. Rub off the stubborn Dirt

However, if you find an obstinate dirt build-up then you’ll have to scrub it off. To accomplish this task better, you can use the two-bucket technique using soapy water and water to rinse.

The first step is to dilute the cleaning solution using an empty bucket.

A simpler method of scrubbing off dirt that is stubborn would be using the brush attachment.

Step 5. Rinse the Detergent Out of the car

Step 6. Clean the Car

After your car has been clean of soap and dirt Clean the car with a microfiber towel.


Its powerful cleaning capabilities and efficiency can cut down on the amount of time and effort cleaning your car.

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