Attract Prospects with 5 Out of the Box Branding Ideas

Spending on marketing campaigns is expensive, and the results are unpredictable despite all the projections. A marketer can never be 100 percent sure of the outcomes of the efforts; no one can. But some exceedingly proven out-of-the-box ideas are affordable and handy. These tactics will get you immense traffic and skyrocket your sales.

However, actions are always ten times harder than speech. And to achieve the stated goal, one has to put in the heavenly effort and “go where no man has gone before,” i.e., the peak of creativity.

Let’s now see what treasure is hidden in this box of branding ideas.


First Things First

If you are already done with all the basics of marketing, then put a check to this list:

  • You have sorted out your target market
  • Your content is persona centric
  • The on-site and off-site SEO strategies, social media activities, and every proving lucrative are good enough to attract prospects.
  • You are testing everything regularly, and your KPIs are showing perfect results.

Despite all this, you are not where you wanted to be. It is because every other business is following this list. You need to stand out, and we will help you with this.

Introduce Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a long-term investment of efforts. You can start with offering discount cards on the shopping of a specific amount. Further, running referral programs of B2B channels helps to bring you a sincere audience. It also enhances customers’ trust in your brand because they are coming from the business they already regard.

Make your Stakeholders your Brand’s Voice

Nothing works better than word of mouth while attracting new customers. In fact, a study revealed that around 74% of the customers consider word of mouth as the crucial influencer agent while making purchasing decisions.

Equip your employees, vendors, suppliers, and loyal customers with gear that will motivate them to speak for you. But if you are demanding their loyalty, you have to be dedicated to them first. Keep your relations with all the stakeholders such that they will want to be your advocates by all means.

There are many ways to leverage this relationship. Provide them a platform where they can speak about you. For instance, arrange a poll on Twitter for their feedback after the purchase, encourage them to mention their friends on your posts, etc.

Similarly, if you treat your employees with respect and encourage them for their performance, they will serve you with all their hearts. Employees may not speak negatively for their companies, but if they are happy working somewhere, they will surely share that with everyone if they are so glad working somewhere.

Retargeting is a Beast

Most small businesses do not utilize retargeting to their total capacity. They either do it occasionally, carelessly or not do it at all. And some don’t even know what retargeting campaign is—for those who are unaware, retargeting shows highly relatable ads to the customers who have already been in touch with you by visiting your website. The companies use analytics to track all those leads or prospects who are not yet converted. Through these analytics, they get the target audience that needs the retargeting.


To have a clear picture of how this tactic works, consider an example of a product, say, custom embroidered headbands. Bots record everything from the time the customer opens your promotional headbands page, the time spent on this product page to the clicks they add to your website. Now you have all the data for that customer. You will reset your target market and place ads of promotional headbands on Google, other websites, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will remind them of your product and will likely increase the chance of converting them.

Run an Online Contest

Hypothetically speaking, there is not a single individual in this world who doesn’t like surprises. Are you an exception?

For running a contest, the best platform is Instagram and Facebook. You can send out some promotional headbands, tees, calendars, custom office stationery items, etc. Additionally, you can offer special discounts to the winners. During this whole campaign, you will notice a drastic change in the traffic that visits your website.

Spread your Content Limitlessly

Keeping your content limited to your website and posting it only in free places is not enough. You will need to spend on placing your content on paid websites. These websites have high Domain Authority and authenticity, which means search engines trust this website. Your association with such sites will bring you increased traffic. While placing your content off-site, make sure the area is relevant to your business.

Final Words

These branding ideas are handy and practical, and they will surely bring you results. So start with any of these and share with us your achievements.

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