Avoid Falling In The MOT Test With This Handy Guide

If you are a car driver in the UK, you must know about the MOT test. If your car is three years old, it is possible that you know about this mandatory test. However, new drivers have a lot of things to know about the MOT test.

Whether you are a new or old car driver, you have to read our MOT Test Leicester guide. We have made this guide with the aim of eliminating all the doubts that you may have in your mind.

So, let us begin!

What is an MOT Test?

Indeed MOT means Ministry of Transport and this test is designed to test the roadworthiness of the vehicles.

A lot of car accidents happen on roads just because of the poor condition of cars. Thus, the government of the UK wanted to take a serious step to lower the percentage of car accidents on roads.

Thus, they introduced the MOT test. Nowadays, the MOT test has become quite advanced.

Where should you go for getting an MOT?

A lot of garages are working as authorized MOT centres in the UK. This test is valid for cars that are three years old. Therefore, you have to submit your car after its third anniversary to your nearby MOT centre.

They will provide a date to you after you register at the centre. You have to bring your car to the centre on the same day.

What should you expect during the test?

At the centre, the tester will check the following components:


All the pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers, and other road users should be able to hear your horn properly. You can prepare yourself for the MOT test well if you repair the faulty components like your horn.


You have to ensure that there is not a leaking problem in your car battery. If the tester found signs of leaking, he will not allow you to drive your car.


The tester checks the tyres for air pressure, tread depth, and physical signs of damage. Improper air pressure, improper tread depth, and signs like bulges may lead to failure in the test.

Electrical equipment and lights:

The MOT tester is going to check car lights like the front, rear, brake, side, indicators, hazard lights etc.

Moreover, the tester examines the electrical items like car stereo, AC system etc. as well.


Your tester is going to do a brake performance test to check the efficiency of your brake system. In this process, the tester is going to check the overall condition of the brakes, pedals, and levers.

Suspension system:

The tester will check the shock absorbers and other components of the suspension system as well. There should be no signs of distortion or corrosion to impress the tester.


The tester is going to check the amount of power steering fluid if your car is equipped with power steering. He is going to check the balance of the steering wheel as well.

Seat and seat belts:

The tester will check each seat along with seatbelts to check their functions.

Registration plate:

The MOT tester is going to check both the front and rear number plates.

Exhaust and fuel system:

During the test, the tester will ensure that there are no signs of leaks in the exhaust system. Moreover, the test will check the fuel tank cap to ensure no signs of leakage in the fuel system.

Drivers view of the road:

The tester will check rear and wing view mirrors. Moreover, the windscreen wipers should sweep enough areas of the windscreen to allow the driver to see the road clearly.

When is your car failed in the test?

According to MOT guidelines, the tester should divide the faults into three categories called major, minor and dangerous.

Your car will usually pass its test if it has minor faults. The test centre may provide an advisory to clear the minor faults as soon as possible.

Your car will fail its test if it has major issues. You can repair these faults with another garage if you think you will get a better quote. But you will be only allowed to drive your car only to your preferred garage.

Your garage will not allow you to drive your car to another garage if it has dangerous faults.

As it is clear from the discussion, your chances to pass the MOT test Leicester are higher if you maintain your car properly.

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