Benefits of Using The Best Natural Eye Cream


Summary: The following guest post describes the information about the best natural eye cream which help to look under eye skin younger and wrinkle free as well. The eye cream is perfection option to improve under eye skin better and glowing.

In this guest post, we are discussing about Rewind and Repair Eye Cream and its major ingredients. The cream specially prepared from vegan and cruelty-free way so that people will get glowing skin as well. Cut the chase and discuss about the different ingredients of Best Natural Eye Cream Australia

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle is distilled from the leaves of the Backhousia citiodora tree and has been shown to work wonders for men with oily skin or those prone to breakouts due to its oil control properties. It prevents acne breakouts by balancing the oil levels in your skin.

Reduces skin irritation due to anti-inflammatory properties. It heals skin infections by destroying bacteria’s and stopping them from spreading. The shrinks pores and prevents them from getting infected. It prevents the production of free radicals that damage our body’s cells due to antioxidant properties.

The fresh and invigorating scent helps get rid of bad body odor. If massaged into joints, it can ease symptoms of arthritis. It helps treat flu symptoms due to anti-viral properties. It helps in the repair of tissue in the body due to the high levels of Vitamin C. Lemon myrtle benefits your health by reducing acne and pimples, boosting your immune system, and fighting infectious diseases. In this article, we take a look at the several benefits of lemon myrtle and a few recipes you can try at home. It is helpful in treating oily skin that is one of the main causes of acne. Use of lemon myrtle essential oil can help you in getting rid of acne. You can add its oil in the Best Natural Cruelty Free Skincare Routine also.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf extract contains oleuropein, a bitter substance with antiviral, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. However, not all people respond positively to oleuropein. It is important to understand what olive leaf extract is if you are planning to take it as a supplement. This article explains what is olive leaf extract, its medicinal uses, and some tips on proper use.

Olive leaf extract can be obtained by steeping over water to extract the juices. When used in supplements, olive leaf extract is processed into a fine, brownish yellow powder. Olive leaf extract supplements contain 15% to 20% oleuropein, and usually varying amounts of esters, rutin, luteonin, apigenin, and multiple iridoids.

Olive leaf extract is an antioxidant – it destroys free radicals that cause cell damage and impair the immune system. It also attacks bad bacteria without damaging the good ones, reducing the risk of side effects. It is also ideal for viral diseases like colds, flu, and cold sores. Olive leaf extract can also treat eye, ear, nose, and throat infections, pink eye, impetigo, and parasite infections.

Olive leaf extract can reduce blood pressure and glucose to unsafe levels. It should not be used with drugs that lower blood pressure and insulin medications. Diabetics and pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before taking olive leaf extract. Your doctor can further explain what olive leaf extract is and whether it is safe for you.


Jojoba has numerous uses in a variety of industries. It is widely used as an ingredient in lotions, shampoos and conditioners, cuticle and nail care products, creams and oils, cleansers, moisturizers, bath oils and soaps, sunscreen lotions, and makeup products. When applied directly to the body, jojoba can soften the skin, promote healthy hair and scalp, reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, heal and lighten scars.

Jojoba extract has a unique chemical structure that makes it more similar to human sebum and whale oil than to traditional vegetable oils. Its natural composition is very similar to the natural restorative sebum produced by human sebaceous glands to protect the skin and hair. As sebum production decreases due to environmental stresses, pollution, or increasing age, jojoba extract can be used to replace the body’s own natural sebum oil.

Jojoba is colorless, odorless, and non-greasy. It does not stain and will wash out with hot water and detergent. Spa, massage, and skin care professionals appreciate this benefit because it reduces the number of stained sheets and towels needing replacement. Jojoba is a superior massage medium for the whole body, including the scalp and face. A minimal amount is necessary to soften the skin and reduce friction, but leaves sufficient glide for massage.

Jojoba is extracted from a seed, not a nut which often triggers allergic reactions. This extract is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic and can be used on sensitive skin without problems. It has been widely used in cosmetics for decades with no reported adverse effects. Also, jojoba liquid does not contain triglycerides like most other oils. Triglycerides are fragile and will oxidize and break down over time. In contrast, jojoba has an indefinite shelf life and will not turn rancid. It is often added to other oils to extend their shelf lives.


Seabuckthorn plants present a challenge to gardeners in that they are very thorny – this can make harvesting the berries a potentially dangerous task, and one that must be undertaken with great care. A common solution to this problem is to remove an entire branch and then freeze it. The berries should then fall off easily. You should take great care for the welfare of the plant, if you decide to use this method in your gardening – don’t cut away too much, or the plant may not produce any berries at all the next year.

Another use of Seabuckthorn plants is as a “security” plant. Planted around the edges of your garden, they will deter most opportunist thieves – it’s a cheap alternative to a barbed wire fence – and it looks a lot nicer too.

Commercial cosmetic companies are just starting to realise the true value of Seabuckthorn plants – the berries have been used in traditional medicine and treatments for generations, and their high vitamin content helps them to treat many different conditions – they can contain up to 6 times as much Vitamin C (per 100g) as an Orange! Seabuckthorn is one of the most useful plants in the world, which makes it very rewarding to grow.

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