BigTime Software Vs Aha Software: 2022 In-Depth Comparison

When comparing the two software solutions, you may be wondering how each compares to the other. The following in-depth comparison will cover features, pricing, and customer support. Take a moment to review the information provided and decide for yourself if one of these products is right for your organization. There are many reasons to choose a particular software solution over the other. Keep reading to learn more about BigTime vs Aha! 2022.


The price of BigTime vs Aha! 2022 depends on your requirements. Bigtime software is more affordable than Aha software, and the monthly license fee is as low as $10. Aha software requires you to pay a monthly maintenance fee and may also include premium support. Aha software requires you to spend more on premium support, though. But it’s worth it if you want to save money on monthly maintenance fees and ensure a high level of productivity.

The features of BigTime are extensive. It includes customizable timesheets, review and approval workflow, and automatic notification of invoices to staff members and managers. You can also set custom invoice templates, and bills for in-progress work. The in-progress billing capability is a great way to boost revenue. BigTime allows you to test out in-progress billing and lets you visualize project tasks with Gantt Charts. These charts also highlight critical paths and show dependencies.

Pricing for BigTime varies depending on your needs. There are three paid plans available. BigTime Express costs $10 per month on annual billing. It requires a minimum of five users. The Pro plan costs $30 per month and includes unlimited users, unlimited timers, and Gantt charts. There is also a BigTime Premier plan, which costs $40 a month. A full comparison between the two products will help you choose which one best suits your needs.


Both Aha and BigTime provide similar features and ease of use for project management and other business processes. Both offer good customer support, and both guarantee response times within several hours. However, while Aha software offers some additional features that BigTime does not, it lacks in customization and integration options. Unless you’re an expert in project management, you’ll likely need help implementing both. In this article, we’ll compare both Aha and BigTime, and discuss the differences and similarities between them.

Among other advantages, Aha!’s robust roadmapping features make it easier to set goals and measure progress. Its collaborative features enhance teamwork and streamline task assignments. Though it doesn’t support OKR, users appreciate Aha’s ability to organize data and keep everything in one place. While it doesn’t include OKR support, this tool is good for teams of all sizes and has ready-made templates to make your life easier. The downside, however, is that Aha’s learning curve can be steep.

Moreover, BigTime has customizable timesheets, customizable invoice templates, and a review and approval workflow. It also includes features for time-and-material billing, multiple fixed fees at milestones, and percent-complete billing. Moreover, BigTime allows you to edit employee timesheets manually. Moreover, BigTime offers powerful integrations and collaboration features. Ultimately, both tools offer robust functionality and features to help companies succeed.

Customer support

The BigTime vs Aha! 2022 customer support is similar to that of Aha software. Both offer similar features and customer support is available within a few hours of submitting an email. Nevertheless, the BigTime software is a little easier to use, while Aha lacks customization and integration options. While both offer customer support, both products require some expertise for implementation and customization.

Aha! is an all-inclusive package, which meets the organizational needs of most product development firms. BigTime, on the other hand, is a powerful project management tool that lets users track time, expenses, and resources. It also offers features for professional service providers, including project tracking and billing. Both products have some overlap, but they are designed to help businesses manage their projects and remain organized.

For example, BigTime offers a variety of pricing options, ranging from $10 to $40 per month. Customers can also request a callback from customer support representatives, but these services can be expensive. The software also has a surprisingly robust roadmapping suite, which is an important feature for most teams. Despite the difference in pricing, both products have a great reputation for customer support. As such, the difference between them is not so drastic.

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