Blue Screen Memory Management Error In Windows 10

Memory Management is also known as resource management. It is used for computer memory. Its main motive is to allocate memory resources as per the request. If there is no need then you can free it for reuse. Let’s discuss the issue of memory management errors. Several issues lead to Windows 10 memory management errors.

Causes of memory management error can be explained as

The most common issues you have gone through:

  • Usage of obsolete drivers.
  • Defective RAM.
  • Problems with the software like corrupt operating systems and systems.
  • Problems with new hardware like graphic cards.
  • Defective memory.
  • Disk errors.
  • Discord with Hardware or Software.
  • Outdated Window.
  • Defected Malware.

With the help of modifying graphic drivers, rebooting windows, modifying windows, and many more. You can fix the blue screen memory management error. Let’s discuss the solutions to blue screen memory management errors.

How To Fix Blue Screen Memory Management Error In Windows 10

With the help of the given fixes you can solve the issue related to the blue screen memory management error in Windows 10:

Fix 1: Move to Windows 10 in safe mode

If you want to dispatch your Windows 10 in safe mode, you need to use basic drivers. By doing so you can verify whether the Blue screen memory management error persists or not. Most important thing is that it will shut down unnecessary processes on the computer. In case, you find this error. The reason behind this error lies in software, not in hardware. If there is still this issue lagging, then you need to change your hardware. The following steps will help you to start your system again:

  1. On the keyboard press Win + R keys together and write MSConfigstartthestartthe. Then press enter.
  2. From the upper section press the boot tab.
  3. Click on Safe Boot.
  4. Expand the boot option and select Minimal.

Fix 2: Modify Windows 10

In case, you might receive a blue screen memory management error while using an obsolete window. You need to update your window to resolve the issue.

Follow the steps given below to update your window:

  • The Setting Panel can be opened by pressing Win + I keys together.
  • Select Update & Security from the setting panel.
  • Verify the pending update from Windows Update.
  • In case if you find any update, save the file whose data you don’t want to lose. Then start your computer again

Fix 3: Move to the Windows Diagnostic Memory

If you find an issue with RAM in your computer, you need to use the windows diagnostic memory utility to verify. Memory for errors and logs the scan as a text file are verified by this utility. So, for using this utility, you need to follow the steps given:

  1.  In the search bar, write Windows Memory Diagnostic. Then choose the best match option.
  2. You can choose among the two options mentioned below
    1. Start your computer again and check for problems.
    2. Check for the problems next time when you start your computer again.
    3. In case you haven’t saved the file, you need to save it before restarting your system on the spot.
  3. Your system will come back to windows 10, after completing the diagnostic.
  4. Tap on Win + X keys together then choose Event Viewer. So that you can work with log files.
  5. Expand the Event Viewer(local)  and go to Windows logs, then move to the system. Choose find.
  6. In the box write  Memory Diagnostic and select next.

Fix 4: Run MEMTest86

If you are sure that there is an error in the RAM of your computer. However, there is an error seen in the Windows memory diagnostic. You can remove this Windows 10 blue screen memory management error by using MEMTest86.

With the help of a USB Drive, you can start MEMTest86 and leave it to your computer RAM. This test will take time as per your RAM installed in the computer.

Fix 5: Update GPU Drivers

In case, you find a Windows 10 Blue screen memory management error. One of the most common reasons is using obsolete drivers. Here, you need to update drivers for Windows 10.

 Apart from that, our main target is to get a management stop code. So to fetch the management stop code. Here we require a video memory management internal stop code is  0x0000010E. Through which you can get a GPU faulty driver.

For updating the GPU Driver. You need to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version. 

If you don’t know about the exact GPU, then write dxdiag in the search box of the start menu and click on the best match option. Expand Direct Diagnostic tools, and click on the Display tab to get the GPU Drivers list.

Fix 6: Verifying Disk Errors

Follow the steps to check errors in disk:

  1. Click on the Command Prompt and run as administrator. Then wrote command given below:
    chkdsk C: /f
  2. From the SSD partition remove the letter C, then press enter.
  3. If you want to check whether your drive is getting affected or not. You need to use the chkdsk C: /f command for finding and fixing the issue. Run the /r parameter to resolve the physical issue.

Fix 8: Extract recently installed software

  1.  Write Control Panel in the search box of the start menu.
  2. Select Programs and Features.
  3. Click on the programs recently added, then press uninstall.

Fix 9: Run SFC Scanner

  1. Right-click on the Start menu, then move to Command Prompt(Admin).
  2. Type the following command in Command Prompt and tap enter.
  3. Meanwhile, for the process completion and check whether the error is still there or not.

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Windows 10 Blue Screen Memory Management Error is not so easy to resolve. While diagnosing a direct issue is creating a lot of problems. So to solve this issue please try the fixes given above. In case you find a better solution than this, please mention it in the comment section.

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