Can you lose on a Serve in Ping Pong?-[Reliable Guide]

Table tennis can be entertaining, but only until you’re submerged in numerous rules! But when you know the rules and apply them to your practice it will be a breeze!

A lot of people fret about losing serving in table tennis. What happens if you lose the ping-pong serve even if you play against the top players? Can it be considered suitable to play with? Or could it cause an adverse impact?

Learn the reasons the reasons you fail to win serving in table tennis and what you can do to solve it!

Is A Serve Losing Ping Pong – True?

If you are playing a match, you are playing the three of the best games of table tennis. Each game, there is one player who wins 11 points ahead of the other players and is declared the winner.

However be aware that the player who wins is the one who won the game by two points or more. If you’re wondering what happens if you lose serving in ping-pong and you answer yes it is possible!

What You Lose On A Serve In Ping Pong

If you’re playing an ping pong match you will surely be among those notable players who deserve to be praised. When the opponent hands the ball and you are required to do it in a way that it will fly in a manner that is appropriate.

It has to cross the internet. It must then get to the opposite side that is on the table. Also, bear your eyes on the fact that it needs to be on the other end of the net, and not be yours.

  • If the ball is in contact with any area of the table that is located on your side, it could be a mistake.
  • On contrary there are instances that it is thrown and it is then sucked in the net. If this happens after you are throwing the ball that’s also your fault!

Both are incorrect serves. Therefore, you won’t earn points for these mistakes. This is the time when you are at risk of losing serve during playing table tennis! The only way to fix this issue is to be careful when serving the tennis ball!

Lose A Point A Serve In Game

  1. If you try to serve an attempt to serve, you may fail to hit the ball. This can be an loss. Similar scenarios can occur in the event that you intend to return to the ball.
  2. If you serve the ball and the ball ends up caught inside the net generally is returned to the court. This is a method to be a loser in the game of ping pong. This method includes the top of the internet too.
  3. Sometimes, you’ll hit the ball very hard. Then the ball travels over the limit. It bounces before hitting the floor. In certain cases it may be thrown into the wall. This is considered the loss.
  4. As per the rule of the ping-pong ball, it will strike your area of the table one time when the player serves the ball. However, if it hits the table multiple times, you’ll lose one point.
  5. If your opponent or ping pong machine you’re playing with serves the ball and it enters your playing area, you must to allow the ball time to bounce over the table on your side. If you accidentally hit the ball before it reaches the table’s surface, the point could be lost.
  6. While playing this game, it is possible to may lose control in certain situations. If that happens you could accidentally play with the net. Additionally, you could shift the table. Both of these are considered an expense.

Touching Fingers. Touching The Hand

Whatever your level of experience, whether you’re an experienced player in ping-pong or an inexperienced player You will surely have tripped over the ball.

The game’s nature is that the ball touches the table as well as the racket.

Sometimes, however the ball may touch your fingers. It is most common when you are taking part in an event. Based on the rules of table tennis it’s not a problem to let the ball touch your fingers.

But, the rule only applies to the hand that holds the paddle. If the ball strikes fingers on the other hand, it’s a violation.

If you’re too happy that the ball is able to touch your fingers, take note that the rule clearly states FINGERS , not the hand!

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Therefore, you should not let the ball get into your hand via any method. In particular when the ball strikes any body part over the wrist, it’ll be considered to be foul. If it’s terrible, what’s an outcome? Let us describe it a bit more!

  • If the opponent is serving the ball, in some instances the ball will touch the hand, then gets into your paddle! This is considered to be a loss.
  • In the event of a catastrophe you’ll notice that the ball will hit your paddle the first. Sure, you’ll be content, but when you make a mistake the ball may strike your hand.

In both instances there were two shots. When double shots are observed, this is considered losing money! The best part about this is that the two shots are clearly visible.

In both cases the ball will strike one object, then change direction and be hit by the second. Since it’s hitting various objects the sound will be different. So, it’s an issue once more.

If you can see another part of the court that the ball hits your fingers, would you be able to serve it? And in the end, do you see it entering that court and is a threat to your opponents? This is legal to serve it and is not losing.

Wrap Up

We’ve outlined the way to lose a game of the game of ping pong and what to watch out for! All you require is a bit of patience and a thorough understanding of the game.

Be aware the fact that losing points isn’t an alternative. Keep your eyes and brain focused, and do not get distracted! What other issues do you have to deal with in a Pong game? Tell us about it in the comments!


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