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Ideas For Choosing the Right Jewellery For An Occasion

Almost all women love to have and wear jewelry. Jewelry has been an essential accessory of their attire from the Stone Age to the modern era.  It helps them in accentuating their looks and personality as well. Sometimes a few men and women wore jewelry to flaunt their social status. In stone ages, colorful stones, feathers, seashells, and eggshells were being used by the women to wear as jewelry. But at this time, gold, silver, diamond, and crystal jewelry are being used by women to look beautiful. 

Jewelry plays a significant role in attire. Attire is incomplete without a single piece of jewelry. Jewelry helps you in getting a beautiful and polished look. When it comes to wearing jewelry, it requires a few tactics. Each outfit needs its style of jewelry. You can’t match any piece of jewelry with any outfit. For example- the right jewelry is not chosen for your outfit, it will ruin your look. 

Hence, choosing the right jewelry for an occasion requires a good understanding of what kind of outfit you are going to wear. You need to choose the jewelry for your outfit as per the style of the outfit. For example, you can’t wear a diamond necklace on every occasion. Hence, you can’t wear marine shell jewelry at a wedding function. Here is a guide to help you out what kind of jewelry you can wear on certain occasions. So go through the article to enlighten your knowledge. 

  • Casual Occasions:

If you are making a plan to wear a casual dress while going out with your friends, college, or shopping, single jewelry items are a good choice for you. You can wear small-sized jewelry items on casual occasions. You should wear decent and straightforward jewelry on casual occasions. It should not be too tall and too colorful. 


What can you wear?

While wearing a V-neck or high neck top, you can pair a delicate and thin beaded necklace with your dress for looking stylish. You can make use of white gold or small gold bracelets for decorating your hands. A smaller size bracelets made of white and purple color will enhance your look a lot. With your casual outfits, you can also wear a watch. When it comes to choosing the earrings for your casual outfits, you must wear simple and decent-looking earrings. You can also wear small diamond earrings or any other earrings made of gemstones. Never wear large and fancy earrings with your casual outfits. The size of your chosen earrings must be 2-4 cm. While wearing casual outfits, don’t wear a lot of jewelry items. 

  • Formal Occasions:

Most women consider formal occasions are just professional occasions. The formal occasions are not just professional occasions but it includes the official occasions like fundraising, weddings, opera, and galas too. When it comes to looking elegant and beautiful on formal occasions, jewelry can help you a lot. Wearing two jewelry pieces will be sufficient for such occasions. Wearing expensive jewelry made of diamond and pearl is a good option for formal occasions. 

What can you wear?

If you are going to wear a deep neck and V-neck garments, you can go with a lariat necklace or a single long pendant. While wearing formal outfits, never forget to wear earrings. You can also wear pendants or long earrings with open hair to accentuate your look. On formal occasions, you can also wear your wedding or engagement rings confidently.  While wearing a gown or lacy top, you can pair big beaded or flora bracelets to look gorgeous. 


  • Party Occasions:

 The best thing with party occasions (dinner parties, clubbing cocktail parties, and birthday parties) is that you don’t have to be worried whether it’s too big, too thin, or too sparking. Whatever you want to wear, you can at party occasions. But one thing you need to remember while being ready for party occasions, never to wear too many jewelry items. Lots of jewelry items may give you a bad look. For visiting such events, one or two jewelry items will be sufficient.  


What can you wear?

To grab the attention of others at parties, you should wear necklaces with large or small gemstones. You can also wear thick beaded gold chains. If you are going to wear a shiny fabric dress, you should pair short state necklaces with your outfit. Big chains bracelets can also help you to look amazing at parties. Arm cuffs are also good to wear for occasions like parties. Smaller stone rings are capable enough to give you a unique look for parties. When it comes to choosing earrings for parties, loop earrings or colorful gemstone earrings are the best choices. If we talk about the fashion trend these days, mismatched earrings are the best option while going to the party. 

  • Professional Occasions:

Your workplace, professional meetings, and interviews are not the places where you can show off your expensive, large, or colorful jewelry. Your too big and too shiny jewels can create your wrong impression on others. But you can include small and respectable jewelry pieces in your professional attire. 

What can you wear?

When it comes to professional occasions, you can go with small and thin pieces of metal or small stones. Always avoid wearing noisy and sparkling jewelry items on professional occasions. You can choose the tiny and stud earrings for your office hours. If you love to wear rings, you can wear small rose gold or white gold rings that should not distract anyone. Small and sleek bracelets with your office outfits can give a complete professional look. Necklaces are not made for offices but if you want to wear them, you can wear small and thin necklaces with a small pendant. 

  • Vacations:

While going to a beach party, you can wear jewelry made of seashells. Seashells will help you in looking fashionable, feminine, and fresh. Thin gold chains also will be a good choice for beach days. When it comes to going hiking, you can wear small earrings. With your small earrings, you can wear a beautiful metal necklace to give yourself a decent and complete look. In case of going for a romantic dinner date, simple and small pieces of jewelry items will be sufficient to look beautiful and charming. If you wear large jewelry items at your dinner date, it will ruin your look. So overall for occasions like vacations, you should wear small, fashionable, and decent jewelry to accentuate your personality. 

  • Festivals

Festivals are the best occasions to get dressed up in a great manner. But for this, jewelry is the most essential item because every piece of jewelry tells a story. Different outfits match different types of jewelry. But for festivals, traditional jewelry like a pearl necklace, jhumka earrings, and ethnic bangle will be the perfect option.  Your ethnic outfits for festivals with traditional jewelry help you in looking gorgeous at festivals. But when it comes to looking unique, you can create a unique fusion look by mixing your traditional jewelry with your western outfits. 


Hence, jewelry is the most important part of women’s lives that helps them in achieving the looks they want. But choosing the right jewelry for an occasion is too crucial because a minor mistake can ruin your look completely. Choosing the right jewelry requires having the right jewelry, connecting with us to have the best jewelry manufacturers in UK.


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