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Create an App like TikTok: Features to Include

How do people consume content these days? Everyone is in a rush, and content is everywhere – it is difficult to stand out, especially in a world where our attention span lasts for a minute at max. Look at Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Social media platforms soon realized that short-form content is the way forward and apps like TikTok built their entire brand over the theme “make every second count” – making an everlasting impact.

Figures show that the short-form video-sharing app generated more traffic than Google in 2021. We can say that TikTok is the most popular app right now by both numbers and consumer feedback.

No one expected TikTok to compete and even go up against platforms like Facebook and Instagram – yet here we are. People want new ideas and innovative products.

Your app might be next. Creating an app like TikTok isn’t tricky.

What Makes TikTok Special

In 2016, there were barely any innovative trends going around. Instagram was looking at Snapchat for ideas, and the entire industry was trying to capitalize on live videos and selfie filters.

Meanwhile, TikTok emerged and attracted a younger, creative, and more spirited audience.

The app came with challenges and hashtags and created an experience where the audience could fully immerse themselves with the app.

TikTok knew what qualifies as trendy and fun – moving along with an interface where people could share sing, dance, and mime famous audio clips.

Since 2016 – TikTok has come a long way and revolutionized the way we look at content creation. Aside from cooking videos and dance challenges – political movements are influenced by TikTok too.

There are all sorts of creators on the app. TikTok enabled a society where pop culture and political activism could thrive.

Features to Incorporate

Now, when you move towards the features part and look at what is necessary for a digital product like TikTok – it is essential to keep both consumer needs and what the market demands in mind. Now, before you get in touch with a company for mobile app development in Dallas, make sure you include the following essential features:


Profile Setup

The seamless process should include no barriers when a user signs up for your app. This is where the UX/UI design matters, as it will define how consumers walk through the app and what page they move towards. An ideal profile setup should include a sign-up through social media, phone number, or email option.


A simple setup is shown once the users provide their information and a readymade profile. Later, the user could edit their profile, add crucial details in their bio, and add other relevant information.

And the option to change/add a profile picture should be there.

Upload and Edit Videos

The entire app will most likely be defined by how stable and easy it is to use the main component, the video part.

In the best-case scenario, there should be no additional pop-ups or any distractions on the way.

A clear sign that indicates if the video is being recorded or not works fine.

The user should be given the option to configure the video, how it is recorded manually, and sent later – but that’s about it.

Even during editing – simple tools like flipping, trimming, and speeding up the video would be more than enough.

Adding Filters and Effects

During the editing stage or while filming – users should be enabled to add filters and effects from the default library while also being able to search for anything additional from the search bar.

The search bar should be AI-enabled and able to figure out the kind of filters and effects that are most frequently used.


The more unique and creative, the better. Marketing campaigns support filters and effects, and depending on what demographic applies – it is a significant source of revenue.


Interactive Elements

TikTok is built as a social media platform foremost and it is a platform where the upcoming generation can interact, collaborate, and get to know each other, connecting in a better way.

You can incorporate features like a commenting option. A user-oriented page where the likes button could pop in.

Get a more extensive reach by making your app more interactive. Add animations along the way and make the most out of it. it includes the option for sharing to anyone!

Different Pages

The user can easily navigate and knows what to see, and the algorithm keeps developing accordingly.


Top iOS development companies in Washington DC or elsewhere usually include TikTok as an example, a readymade template they could show clients and partners.


Push Notifications

Push notifications can either make or break a digital business. The best way to retain customers in a digital setting is to keep reminding them, alerting them to essential details, and not being too upfront about it.

While you consider a push notifications feature, make sure it would align with your brand image and do a quick survey where you could see how consumers would react to it.

In most cases, push notifications are the perfect solution to them.

Final Thoughts

Before you go into the development stage or get in touch with companies for mobile app development Dallascompanies – go through the ideation or conceptualization stage with your team first.

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