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Do you know? The rising costs of Digital Advertising will DESTROY businesses sooner or later.

While conducting research on digital advertising, I observed that an increase in ad prices is a big market concern for brands, merchants, and business owners. Is this also true for you?
  • According to the platform, global ad prices for ”Facebook” and ”Google” have climbed by as much as 89 percent on average, which some local digital agencies believe is encouraging firms to test second-tier platforms.
  • ”Pinterest” and ”Snapchat” have witnessed the most price increases in the United States, with 163 percent and 130 percent increases in the last year, respectively.
Today, I stumbled upon this amazing advertising tool I find it useful to run a cheap and effective offline advertising method. Introducing walker billboard! Ok, so what is a Walker Billboard? It is wearable digital signage for you to promote your brand or business. Walker Billboards are lightweight, durable and are equipped with internal led lights so that you are able to advertise day or night.
Despite advancements in advertising technology, hiring individuals to go out on the streets and spread the word about your brand is still a good idea. Promotions can be done by individuals or businesses, and there are many different sorts of promotions to choose from. Walker Billboards is a leading provider of human billboards for outdoor advertising.
Consider using a walker billboard for your brand awareness campaign to get your message directly to your target audience on the streets, billboard advertising is particularly effective for high-visibility brands.
Sounds convincing?? With walker billboard, I think it is the next marketing approach whereby brands and marketers are looking for a comparison for a cheap and effective advertising method as compared to digital marketing.
Walker Billboard

What is the mechanism behind human billboards?

The old standby is one of the most common means of human advertising. A person wears two huge boards, one upfront and one down back, over their shoulders, each with a strap. Although it’s occasionally referred to as the “sandwich board,” most businesses refer to it as a “human billboard.” Your message should be clearly printed on both signs.

If the individual wearing the marketing boards is willing, you might request that he or she inform others about the sale, service, or product. You can use the human billboard to promote your brand, product, or service both outdoors and indoors.

Maintaining human interaction in your marketing initiatives is simple with our human billboard solutions. Human billboards are a terrific way to advertise no matter how big or little your company is or what industry you’re in. Because of our street credibility in advertising and marketing, we always discover the best solutions for our clients.

Billboard Advertising Cost

Traditional billboards might cost anything from $1,550 per month to $20,000 or more per month. Digital billboard ads, on the other hand, range in price from $3,200 to more than $30,000 per month.

Billboards Billboard Prices
New York Billboard Cost $3,000 to $20,000/month
Los Angeles Billboard Cost $2,000 to $15,000/month
Chicago Billboards Cost $2,000 to $12,000/month
San Francisco Billboards Cost $2,000 to $12,000/month
Philadelphia Billboards Cost $1,500 to $12,000/month


Walker billboard is an effective out-of-home advertising medium for your product or company. Companies frequently use this type of outdoor marketing which is one of the most popular and often the least expensive ooh advertising strategies.
Everyone who passes by the road where your walker billboard is located will be influenced by the ”LED billboard” display. This allows you to establish an immediate connection with potential customers and your brand. Which can be presented to your audience in an infinite number of ways allowing you to effectively reach your audience.

An interactive human billboard is a simple and effective advertisement that blends marketing, human connection, and interaction.

Your product or company can benefit from the Walker billboard as a powerful kind of out-of-home advertising. Your dazzling LED billboard display will unconsciously affect everyone who passes by the road where your walking billboard is positioned.

Our products are merely a fraction of the cost which you can run your very own billboard advertising campaign forever! Anytime, anywhere. Sounds convincing?? With Walker Billboard, you can make it a reality. Buy now with a special promotion price of $329 per set and we shall see your brand pounding & roaring like the wolf of wall street soon. 😉

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