Drug Screening Becomes Crucial for Employment

Alcohol and drug testing help companies build a safe and robust culture. It reducing the risk of accidents and property damage. Simply said, because if you are a recruiter, you want people with substance, not with substance abuse. So drug test services have shown to be quite helpful in gaining drug knowledge about your employees. With a wide span of drug testing technologies and services, including pre-employment drug testing, site-access testing, and random drug testing, the services ensure that your employees are alert on the job and are functioning efficiently.

One of the most significant screening companies, among many others, is insight Global background check, whose primary goal is to help you determine which of your prospects or workers are abusing substances that may impair their performance on the job. You’ll be able to establish a safer environment for your candidates, employees, and clients so if you have immediate access to screening facilities and findings.

What will the Employers get from Drug Screening Services?

Human Resource Management departments frequently juggle drug testing providers, collection sites, regulatory challenges, and payment issues. In this case, however, we recommend using an insight global background check. It’s a drug testing service that lets you manage all aspects of your drug testing program from a single dashboard. Urine, hair, blood, and oral fluid are all supported specimen types. In addition, they own and operate the world’s largest self-managed network.

A decent drug testing service will follow the steps below:

  1. When a sample is obtained, you will be notified.
  2. Receive notifications when a sample taken
  3. Read and follow the chain of custody from the collection location to the lab to the MRO
  4.  Access all data, results, e-chains, billing, BATs, and clinical paperwork


You’ll also have easy access to control over scheduling, exam administration, and compliance.

Let’s hop towards the solutions you may attain in consequence.

  • Background screening

    allows you to locate and hire a candidate with a clean criminal record who is qualified for the job.

  • Reference and E-Verification:

Verification professionals are qualified to do in-depth, comprehensive, and sensitive verification of your candidates or workers who are assisting you in your recruitment efforts. The most common cause of costly errors is human error, and mistakes are made considerably more frequently when forms are filled out on paper.

  • Occupation Health:

 In a healthy work environment, the capacity to balance health and workload is critical. S0, The drug test service gives you sub textual knowledge of your employee how sober he is to work in your company.

  • Identity Checks:

Most background checks begin with an identity check because these checks verify your candidate’s identification and eligibility to work in the country in question.

  • Criminal Record Checks:

Drug test services can obtain criminal background checks based on what we find by validating certain identifying information. so If the organization is recruiting ex-felons, they can either keep the individual or dismiss him after the background checks.

  • Compliance: 

Ensures that the procedure is carried out in accordance with the law. It’s because critical to stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations and to put them into practice.

Types of Drug Screening

There is a variety of drugs test applied on the subject to obtain the best results. The types vary as:

  1. Hair Follicle Drug Screening in the Lab

To establish if addictive substances are present, hair testing examines the hair shaft rather than physiological fluids such as urine or saliva. As a result, hair testing is particularly resistant to avoidance by contaminating or swapping samples or just abstaining from drug usage for a few days, compared to bodily fluid analysis.

  1. Urine Drug Screening at a Lab

Many proficient companies offer a choice of drug panels and cutoff levels. Within 48 hours, customized panel requests are designed and implemented. To assess availability, all in-network and out-of-network drug screening alternatives require a site match.

  1. Drug Screening in a Flash

A range of rapid drug testing, including self-collect urine and saliva testing, are available from competent drug screening companies. In addition, there are numerous panels and items to choose from the candidate’s background data.

  1. Drug Screening by Self-Collection in a Lab

Many drug testing firms provide a range of self-collection drug testing devices that allow clients to sample urine or saliva and send it to a lab. The kits include the data-gathering gadget required to send the sample to the appropriate lab..

  1. Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath alcohol testing is a breath test for liquor that a clinic conducts. It provides information on the amount of alcohol present.

In today’s time, where authentic information accessibility is too tricky, screening services such as insight global background check have become the need of time. The innovative and proven systems allow such companies to customize your workplace testing program to meet your businesses’ needs. In addition, it ensures that results lead you to the right people for different sites and projects. So, if you search for a perfect employee for your firm, you need to act on the above practices now!



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