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Duramax – The one-stop e-store to buy PVC panels online

Wall paneling is a great choice to prevent the walls and ceilings from getting damp and damaged. The commercial sectors look for custom-made professional-looking wall panels that would protect against moisture damage and come with added benefits. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers of USA-made PVC panels. Although there are numerous places to buy PVC panels online, but Duramax panels are at the top of their customization, quality, on-time delivery and easy installation methods. What businesses now look for is durability and convenience, but Duramax panels have added advantages. Here is the list of features that makes Duramax the one-stop e-store for purchasing PVC panels online.


Longest lifespan


Duramax panels have the longest lifespan. The USA-made PVC panels made from 100% virgin vinyl serve commercial applications for 45 years or beyond. The vinyl panels don’t rot, rust, or degrade at all. The panels do not need callbacks for repairing, repainting and replacing. The white, bright and light-reflective panels don’t have external hardware that can dwindle the wallboard. The panels have studs and hidden fasteners that enhance the strength doubly. Made with the inner webbed Truss design, the panels have an optimal thickness, ensuring outstanding strength, resilience, and durability.


Easy to maintain


Did you know that the chemical-resistant and waterproof vinyl panels are easiest to clean and maintain? To maintain a white and pristine appearance, you can bleach the panels or wipe the smooth surface with a damp cloth. The panels don’t react with chemicals and having a smooth surface doesn’t allow dirt, dust, debris and filth to reside on them. In addition, the vinyl panels have no fissures to harbor hidden debris or bacteria. As a result, the panels do not require deep cleaning or regular maintenance. Instead, just occasional clean-ups will ensure the panel’s longevity and help in maintaining the aesthetics of the place.


Customized as per requirements


If you wish to buy PVC panels online, then don’t go for ready-made panels. Duramax offers customized panels for every application. The PVC sheets are cut into different shapes, sizes, lengths and widths. The thickness of the panels also depends on the specifications of the customer. Customized panels last longer and serve better. The custom-made DIY panels are easy to install and take a few hours for a complete setup. The panels have the fastest installation time and need no additional backers, adhesives, or skilled laborers for the job. Duramax panels come in DIY kits with a PVC installation guide, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free installation job.


Hygienic wall panels


Duramax panels are anti-bacterial and restrict the growth of mold and mildew. Garages, food processing units, Marinas, breweries, and other businesses require hygienic panels. Duramax panels meet the CFIA and FDA parameters for walls and ceilings. The panels are ASTM-certified and safe to work with. The Duramax panels are recyclable and non-toxic. The panels also meet LARR ratings and are ideal for protecting against wall and ceiling damage.


Fire resistant


The high-quality PVC panels are resistant to fire and can prevent an outbreak. Commercial applications like garages, restaurant kitchens, and dairy parlors are prone to fire outbreaks that can damage life and property. Installing PVC panels with 1-hour fire-grade resistance can prevent fire accidents in the nick of time. In addition, PVC panels are non-combustible and non-toxic, making them an ideal choice for industrial applications as well.




The PVC wall panels are water-resistant and do not allow moisture seepage. The moisture-rich zones like Laundromats, garages, shipping containers, and commercial kitchens need waterproof wall panels. The PVC panels don’t have wooden backers to attract moisture. Devoid of the backers, the panels shed water and don’t absorb and swell, unlike FRP and drywall. The water-resistant wall panels ensure cleanroom sanitary conditions, which is one of the prerequisites.


Better than traditional FRP


The traditional FRP panels are not good enough for protecting walls and ceilings from damages. FRP panels peel off, mold, delaminate and absorb water. FRP wallboard is susceptible to callbacks for repair. The FRP panels have double material cost and labor requirements compared to PVC. If you think FRP is cost-effective, then, in the long run, you will find expenses to shoot up as repeated repairs and faulty installation will have workers coming every now and then.


Wrapping up


Do you want the customized panels delivered to your location within two weeks? Duramax manufacturers get you factory-made customized panels at affordable prices. Ask for a free sample today. Request a quote.

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