Education Is the Core Value for Women’s Empowerment In UAE

Education is a critical component and the major focus of the women’s empowerment program in UAE and its success is celebrated in a variety of disciplines with the international excellence awards in UAE. Education for girls is a legal right, and it is one of the most significant and necessary strategies to enable them to live a good life. It is also regarded as one of the fundamental rights inscribed in all international treaties.

Statistics from around the world

According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics statistics, 130 million females still do not have access to education. Furthermore, the statistics indicated that 15 million primary-school-aged females will never get the opportunity to study, read, or write in primary school, despite the fact that more than half of these girls live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Importance of Women’s place in society

In order to get started, I must stress how crucial it is for women to have a position and a function in society. The success of any country in the world is closely tied to the efficacy of the role that women play in it. If a girl is educated, she will have the option of beginning her professional career, becoming an entrepreneur, or being a housewife. In all circumstances, because she is educated, she will always be eager to educate her children in order to provide them with the same opportunities that she had.

Because the majority of children are cared for by their mothers, an educated mother will do everything she can to encourage her children to seek education, resulting in a world governed by educated children, which is a credit that should be given to mothers in the first place.

Today’s young girls will be the women of the future, and an educated girl today will be an educated mother tomorrow. With this equation in mind, we may comprehend the significance of educated women’s contributions to the improvement of communities, as well as the development of their countries and mankind as a whole. Although women face lots of hardships and challenges, yet to overcome all the crises they strive hard and earn the international excellence awards in UAE for their future goals.

Educational crisis for women

We have undoubtedly seen the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the education sector in every household around the world, particularly in terms of girls’ education, especially since girls who were already educationally marginalized in some countries became even more marginalized and less prioritized during the pandemic. On the other side, we are witnessing a deterioration in a number of crucial concerns, including gender discrimination, school dropout, and low enrollment rates, not to mention the consequences of prolonged school closure on mental health and child protection.

UAE women’s empowerment initiative

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Dubai, UAE) participated in the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) “Case for Investment in the Middle East’s Education Sector” conference in Saudi Arabia in April. A Women’s empowerment program in UAE is always intended to mobilize financial assistance from governments, global aid organizations, and civil society organizations to achieve what is necessary in terms of providing both boys and girls with equal opportunities for high-quality education.


The change will occur when international leaders of governments and society contribute to making comprehensive investments in the growth of mankind. We, for one, will continue to work hard to put our resources and experience toward making that vision a reality.

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