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Zopiclone is an increasingly popular and potent prescription sleep aid that has come onto the scene in recent years. Its popularity stems from its high success as a painkiller for patients with moderate to severe pain and for use as a recreational drug. However, it also has some unpleasant side effects, and we look at some of these here.

Symptoms of zopiclone

Zopiclone is most effective for treating the symptoms of Insomnia. Its prolonged use can have harmful consequences and one of these consequences is that of addiction to zopiclone. Whilst many have suggested the addictive potential of this and similar benzodiazepines for treating insomnia. The first signs of addiction will emerge within days of starting to take this medicine, typically through continued use of the same dose or intensity. If zopiclone is taken to achieve relief from Insomnia then it is not necessarily due to the over-effective effects of the drug, but because the patient finds that their body reacts in a way that increases its effectiveness. To achieve this, they are subjecting their body to a level of dosages which normally would not result in any adverse effects.

Important Things Before Taking zopiclone

For patients that have become addicted to zopiclone, the most important thing is to stop taking it and seek treatment. Once patients begin to take this medication regularly, they will find that it begins to control their lives. This is particularly true of people who feel that they must stay awake to feel normal. Symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, depression, anxiety, weight loss problems and memory loss are common among patients who become addicted to zopiclone.

Effects of zopiclone

Patients who suffer from the effects of zopiclone addiction may try to lessen their dosage in order to return to a more normal life. However, this does not work for long, as they soon find that they are not able to control their symptoms and are unable to function normally. It is imperative that such people receive treatment as soon as possible so that they do not lose further sleep and cause themselves long-term damage. Symptoms of withdrawal include restlessness, depression, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, sweating and increased heart rate.

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Patients should never attempt to lower their daily or weekly zopiclone dosage in an attempt to stop insomnia without the supervision of their doctor. Such action can result in severe and permanent injury to the nervous system and brain. Any dosage less than the recommended amounts will not have any short-term benefits and will instead lead to long-term health damage. buy zopiclone 10mg with reasonable cost.

Patients experiencing these negative side effects should contact their doctor immediately and report their symptoms. This is due to the fact that some liver diseases require very high dosages of zopiclone to produce adequate results. Some patients experience no side effects while taking low doses of zopiclone.

In patients with hepatitis, the body begins to recognize that there is a problem when there is an elevated blood level of acetaminophen (the drug in zopiclone).  Acute hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis and even liver cancer if the liver does not respond adequately to treatment. Patients should not take more than the recommended dosage of zopiclone to avoid becoming acutely hepatitis.

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During the elimination half-life of zopiclone, patients must avoid alcohol or food products that could affect plasma concentrations. Because the oral system is the only means of entering the bloodstream, once the drug enters the mouth, it is carried by blood to the lungs through breathing. Once in the lungs, the drug passes into the circulation. Therefore, it is not surprising that plasma concentrations in patients on oral administration of zopiclone may be low for several hours and then increase. Visit Smartfinil for more information.


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