Email Tracking App: Track Your Kids Email With AddSpy Monitoring App

Email Tracking App: AddSpy’s email tracking allows you distantly see incoming and outgoing emails in the AddSpy Control Panel. Before we gave our Email tracking app, we sent emails and tracked them until we received a response. We are currently in a social digital landscape that allows us to see if our emails have been delivered and if so, who is reading your emails, when and how often.

Email tracking app has become an essential part of reaching customers both old and new. And utilizing AddSpy with email tracking has made this. Even simple for businesses to meet their expectations at the right time and with the right context. Before we track how email tracking operates in AddSpy, then let’s learn a few ideas about email tracking and how this affects businesses.

What Is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is a process to monitor the status of the emails which you send to develop customer reach and business. With an email tracking app, you can easily receive real-time email alerts for each event related to your email. This allows you to continuously check your high funnel email metrics, such as email openings and click-through rates, so you can create an informed business idea.

Email tracking has managed the network since the beginning 2000s. This practice became more widespread as e-mail became less of an online sales information hub and a means of communication for people. As per the OMC 2017 survey, 85% of the letters received are marketing materials, newsletters, announcements, etc., initiated by sales and marketing teams, and 99% of these letters are followed up. This directly increases the business.

Why Is This Feature Useful?

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without the Internet, mobile applications, and email. But these devices would have seemed more than strange at least a few decades ago. We are used to them because whenever we need to transmit different data, regardless of distance and time, they become important helpers. The Internet has brought us many great tools that we use both at home and at work.

The World Wide Web, on the other hand, has become a collection of viruses, harmful content, and other things that can harm your children’s development or productivity. While we spend more time in the virtual world shopping online, digital currency, and data transfer, spying on email protects your business and family in real life.

AddSpy Email Tracking app appears to be an excellent resolution to this problem. Want to know what content your kids are sending and receiving? Do you want to keep them away from violence, pornography, and other bad things that can have a negative impact? Do you want to always have a reliable email tracker next to you?

In this case, our email tracking application is the right solution. Undoubtedly, AddSpy Mobile Tracker is the best email tracker you can ever find. Email spy has never been more effective. Our dedicated experts have been able to develop award-winning email spy software for a variety of needs.

You can use this to track the email records of your kids or employees. This service provides data, time, and accurate sender information. In addition, feel free to use their control panel if you need to access email spies directly from your account. Gmail Spyware Get full access to your target device’s Gmail account and read all your emails at any time.

  • Read all incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Enter the exact time and date of both sent and received messages.
  • Check your email history.
  • Access your mailbox from your user’s control panel.


The AddSpy Mobile Monitoring App is an ideal and reliable tool for parents and employees to monitor the activities of children and adolescents and employees respectively. Parents can protect their children and employers have complete control over their employees.

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