Engage Your Students Online with Custom E-learning Software Development

Online learning (e-learning, distance learning) is a method of gaining new knowledge using the Internet in real-time. At the moment, the e-learning software industry is one of the fastest-growing educational technologies in the world.

Due to its convenience, e-learning education is becoming an increasingly popular form of education. In the age of information technology, online learning allows you to solve one of the main problems that hinder education and self-development – the unwillingness to return to the “school desk”.

Different Types of Online Learning Software

Online learning is described as one of the main trends in the development of the educational software development industry. Among multiple types of online education, tutors and organizations can choose the most convenient and appropriate form of the online educational platform. Here’s a shortlist of the most common types of online learning software. 

Lectures and video tutorials 

Today, a lot of well-reckoned universities and educational institutions offer specialized educational resources publicly and free of cost. They either offer these collections of the best teaching materials on platforms such as YouTube or they create their e-learning software solution making high-quality and prestigious education free for all.


 In online training, participants acquire new knowledge by practicing it in practical life situations. Many corporates across the world design special online training software for their employees aimed to improve qualifications, developing useful business skills, and personal growth. 


a popular web conferencing platform preferred by coaches when one or several expert speakers broadcast and communicate with the participants via video. These webinars are usually published on websites and social media channels.

Online courses 

are training sessions during which the student does not physically contact the teacher and other students, completing the assignments received through the video lessons, and receiving feedback from the teacher. For a certain period of time, you can gain knowledge on a chosen topic without having to attend an educational institution.   

What tasks do online learning solutions solve?

eLearning software helps students to get an education, improve the professional skills of the employees, get a full-fledged higher education. You can even use online educational platforms to award a scientific degree, up to a doctorate. And especially amid the COVID-19 crisis, when remote has become a new normal, online learning platforms have become a temporary alternative to full-time education.  

Who is the e-learning software suitable for?

eLearning software is suitable for educational institutions that want to digitalize education, organizations craving to offer online training to their employees, and entrepreneurs who want to step into the online learning business.

Pros of online education software

To prevent online learning from becoming another disappointment and a reason for wasted time, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

  • One of the most obvious advantages of online learning is the ability to independently choose a comfortable place and time for classes. Now there is no need to waste time on the road, and the place to study will be a house, cafe, park or even a beach with a good Internet connection.


  • Variety of courses is another advantage of online education. You have a huge database of courses at your disposal on numerous training platforms. The range of topics is amazing: language classes, business training, lessons in applied sciences, and are highly specialized disciplines. For example, there are programs for physicians that simulate real-life situations to practice skills.


  • Saving money is another bonus of online learning. In addition to the fact that you do not have to spend money on travel or accommodation in another city, the classes themselves can be absolutely free or cheaper than their offline counterparts.


  • Online training provides an opportunity to exchange experiences, opinions, and knowledge with other members of professional communities. Some online programs provide for teamwork on assignments, exchange of documents, and study materials.


  • Another advantage of online learning is the flexibility of communication with the teacher. It has become much easier to get feedback from the teacher. You no longer need to catch it in between classes. Your questions will definitely be answered at the agreed time.


The ability to revise the course at a convenient time allows you to delve into the topic in more detail, return to difficult moments to understand.


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