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English Learning

In This article, we are going to teach you English. So you can also teach your kids about English. DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? – Your child is learning English at school, but you would like him to improve? Excellent idea. Mainly, a report recommending early learning of English is submitted this Wednesday to the Minister of National Education. Here are different ways to help him. You can also teach your kids about vocabulary words that start with c.

Use an online coach.

Are your children between 3 and 18 years old? You can enroll them in individual online courses with bilingual coaches. This is what Viva ling offers, the first online language academy for children. What differentiates this site from other platforms, where you register and take a course with the available teacher, is the possibility of being followed by the same coach. As stressed to LCI Ludivina Hammy, its general manager, “it is essential to have continuity from one session to another for long enough periods (minimum one school year) so that the child has confidence and ‘he can let go. 

The best coach to a child

For this, Vialing has set up a “matching” system to match the best coach to a child according to his age, goals, and schedule. After that, all you have to do is book your session. So from one week to the near or one month to the next. The pedagogy is simple and alternates discussions and educational tools for English Learning . “But one thing is certain, we always start by learning a foreign language orally, insists the director general. This is all that is lacking at school. We teach languages ​​with vocabulary lists such as you learn history by memorizing dates of events, but that doesn’t work. ” Paid Daily USA

Children’s personality

Different options offer 15-minute lessons for children aged 3 (€ 11), 25 minutes for 6/10 years (€ 16), and older children, depending on the child’s personality. The child, the sessions last 45 or 55 minutes (23 or 32 €). It is also possible to opt for packs, which an entire sibling can use. 

Could you send them to summer camp in England?

It is an excellent classic in learning foreign languages: immerse yourself in the country’s culture whose language you are learning. But so that your baby’s stay does not turn into “To us the little English girls!”, You have to find the right formula. Hearing and speaking English regularly generally allows you to progress quickly, but you still have to avoid French camps where you meet friends. Who speaks French.

The ideal formula

When possible, the ideal formula is the exchange of correspondence. A little Englishman comes to spend a few days with you, and your child then does the same on the other side of the Channel. Otherwise, you can be original and choose a themed camp. If your child is a fan of the thrilling adventures of Harry Potter, for example, you could opt for Telligo’s “Welcome to Wizards School” camp, which is aiming at 9/14-year-olds. He will make his wand there and visit the filming locations. All, necessarily in English

Educational resource

In a report submitted in autumn 2018, the Franco-British journalist and the Inspector General Chantal Manes-Bonnisseau wrote: At a time when everyone knows that students, once out of their school, college or high school, is rush to their smartphones to watch an industrial quantity of clips, films, and songs, we are astonished that this material, an educational resource that we would not have dreamed of only a few years ago, is not put to more use. 


However, having recourse to screens to learn this language has been debated for a long time. Learning by simple viewing, Alex Taylor believed in it. As an English teacher for ten years, then, in the early 1990s, the host of the Continentals program on France 3 was the only English resource available to language teachers. He remembers having programmed one summer, twenty-five years ago, unpublished episodes of Bowler Hat and Leather Boots. We had posted the vocabulary words on our websites. “We told ourselves that people were not going to pay a franc per minute for the vocabulary list

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