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Everything about a Gate Installation Company in Oldbury

If you are interested in upgrading your house entrance, you must start with installing a gate at your driveway. With just a single measure, you can make your house more personalized and secure. Driveway gates are not only practical but also enhance the view of your house. Also, it is a great way to add to the value of your property. One can choose a gate of versatile style and attractive appearance to place at the front of his property. For this, you can contact a gate installation company  Oldbury.

Gone were the times when entrance gates were a thing meant only for big mansions and buildings. Now they are trendy and also budget-friendly. 

Benefits of gate installation company Oldbury

Wondering why it is getting common day by day in Oldbury to install exterior gates and fencing around properties? Well, there are different but all worthy reasons people are going for this. 

  • Security 

The first and foremost concern, when you own a house or a building is its security. A gate at the entrance creates a sense of safety. You can control the arrivals at your residence. It’s a precaution against thieves and wild animals. A surveillance camera along with it can be a plus. 

  • Privacy

With security, a home also demands complete privacy. An entrance gate ensures that no one can peek into your house without your approval. You will have control when an 

unwanted person or stray animal wants to enter your domain. When a security system will be installed with it, only a limited number of people will have access to enter.

  • Kerb Appeal 

A Driveway gate is the first impression of your house and the first impression always leaves a mark. It automatically enhances the view of your house from outside. There are limitless options to choose from according to the theme of your house.  A wooden gate can give it a farmhouse kind of look while a gate with metallic rods can show off the inner view all while keeping it secure. 

In all ways, a gate will only complement the style of your home. 

Options to Choose From

We talked about the limitless possibility of choosing unique and stylish gates these days. You can customize your gate in whatever style and material you want. It’s upon you to choose a sliding gate or swinging one, be it wooden or metallic. 

Here, we’ll have a comparison between the options you can choose from.

Material of the Gate

Normally, driveway gates are made from wrought iron, aluminum, or wood. Iron and wood are more common options to consider.

Iron Gates

  •  customized to any shape and structure as it has bend properties. So you can expect more versatility from Iron.
  • Iron is very strong. A huge force or heavy machines are required to break into an iron gate. So it can provide more security.
  • The only problem with iron is its rusting, which needs to be prevented by proper measures. If so, an iron gate can last for decades.
  • Commonly, iron gates have spaces between bars. They can be great if one wants to display the inner view of the house but they may disturb the privacy of the house.

Wooden Gates

  • Wood is not bendable so designs can be only carved upon it. But there are still thousands of possibilities to do with a wooden gate.
  • The best thing about wooden gates is they are not very costly. So one can easily install them in his house.
  • When compared to iron, wood is not that much stronger. It is not fragile but a wooden gate is likely to break when hit by a speedy car or heavy storm. 
  • Also, weather can affect the wood as time will pass.

Style of the Gate

There are two styles you can opt from, sliding one and swinging one. Both have their perks and it is upon you whatever you like to install. 

Sliding Gates 

  • As the name suggests, a sliding gate slides along the sidewall or fence.
  • It is the best option when there is less space available.
  • People go for sliding gates when their driveway is inclined as swinging gates cannot operate on such driveways.
  • Also when the entrance is too wide, it’s wise to consider sliding gates.

Swinging Gates

  • Swinging gates consist of a single or bi-parting swing.
  • It can open inside as well as outside, which makes it easy to approach from both sides.
  • It requires a flat driveway to be operational. Otherwise, the gates won’t swing.

Gate Access

The style and material of the gate can be compromised but the most important thing when you choose a gate is how you and your visitors will have access. One way is to manually operate the gate, which is simple but not practical. So people usually install automated gate systems. They can be costly but more secure.

You can go for the following types of gate access systems.

Remote Control 

  • Handheld remotes to open or close the gate can be time-saving as well as easy.
  • They allow access to only limited persons, particularly those who have remotes.
  • They are ideal for small families with few visitors.

Digital Keypad

  • They use a security code to give access to enter.
  • They are easy to use and very economical.
  • The downside is they can be easily hacked.

RFID Gate Access Systems

  • Radio Frequency Identification requires keycards or fobs to give access.
  • It works by scanning the card.
  • It is effective but expensive.

Why do you need a Professional Gate Fitter?

Many people think that installing a gate is not as difficult as it seems and they can do it by themselves. But they are not aware of the chaos this task involves and the possibility of mishaps that can happen. It is wise to hire a professional gate installation company as this will be a one-time cost and save your time and energy.

  • Gate Installation Companies have trained professionals to complete the tasks.
  • They provide a limited-time warranty. This means in case of any mishap, they are responsible.
  • It is more expensive than DIY installation but experts can handle the task more efficiently than you.
  • The company will provide all the equipment needed for the installation so you won’t have to buy or rent anything.
  • No person other than a professional can ensure a safe installation of the gate.

Find a Perfect Gate Installation Company  Oldbury 

It can be hectic to select a gate installing service from so many available options and to determine if they can be suitable for you or not. 

You can contact them and have a quote first. Plus, you can read the reviews of their previous clients on Social Media which can help you find the best service providers.


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