Everything Important About Digital Magazine Publishing Software

Digital or online magazines are quickly growing their market. Business owners and publishers from across the world are publishing their digital magazines with the help of digital magazine publishing software. Not to mention, old school paper magazines are slowly losing their presence in the world in view of a number of factors. The popularity of digital magazines has further grown in the pandemic.

There is a number of factors owing to which the market of digital magazines is going up and the market of their paper counterparts are going down. Let’s put some light on those factors:


Without a doubt, costing is one of the major factors. Due to the fact that there is a wide range of costing and overheads included with traditional paper magazines, publishers and business owners are switching towards digital magazines. Even in the pandemic when modern publishers are carrying out their business with ease and from the comfort of their homes, traditional publishers are struggling as their sales go down marginally but they need to pay some fixed costs for instance workplace rent, etc.

Quick access

In the modern world, readers have become smart and technology savvy. They want to enjoy the subscription online and read magazines via their digital devices like smartphones and laptops. Using a quality digital magazine publishing software program, you can manage subscriptions even the paid ones without putting in much effort. Even a single individual can manage a large subscription by clicking a few buttons on the screen. Further, readers get the notification every time a new issue is accessible for reading and downloading. Readers do not have to wait to get the latest issue come to their doorsteps like in the case of paper printed magazines.

Track user behavior

In the past, it took days to find out the important metrics regarding the sales and feedback of the readers. However, with the advent of digitization, publishers can track vital metrics in real-time. Digital publishing software helps you to track data like how many readers are taking interest in your publications. What is the sex, location, age, etc. of your readers? What browsers and devices they are using to reach you? All essential demographics of the traffic are available in ready to view format. This aids you to enhance your future campaigns and content.

Ad revenue and management ease

Traditional publishers have to do a lot of hard work and spend a lot of time and effort to get advertisers for their paper printed magazines. Generating ad revenue for them is a hard nut to crack. On the other hand, modern digital publishers can make advertiser indexes with the help of digital magazine publishing software. Further, many software programs let you make the AdSense account and Google will look after all things. You only have to add your bank account number and other details to collect the ad revenue.

Further, the software is loaded with ad management and tracking technology that allows you to track the number of visitors that have hit the ad placed on your digital magazine. As a result, advertisers have laser-sharp data regarding the number of visitors that saw and clicked their advert. Further, you can track the type of ads that are getting the most views. This further helps you which advertisements you should place on the digital magazines so as to garner more revenue.

Easy storage

Let’s accept the fact that storage is a big problem with conventional paper printed magazines. Readers have to locate an empty space or a cupboard in their house or office specifically to store the paper magazines. After the advent of digital magazines, this problem is sorted out greatly and conveniently. Modern digital publishers would provide you with online or cloud space to store your digital magazines.

Moreover, in the past, people find it really a challenge to take their favorite issues of the magazine with them when they go on a trip or something. Old school paper magazines make their backpacks heavy and thus they had to choose which one to take and which one to leave at home. Fortunately, digitization has resolved this problem forever. Now readers can take as many digital magazines as they want with them in their mobile phones and laptops. They can store them in their download list if they go someplace where the internet connectivity is an issue. Or they can simply read them from the cloud space.

The power of an app

In view of the global popularity and usage of smartphones, most publishers today have an app. Readers can quickly access their content or do multiple downloads via their mobile apps. Publishers today create apps for both Apple and Android users. So, the digital magazine is literally in the palm of their readers all the time.

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