Export Declaration Number – Its Importance and Application Process

If you are planning to export goods from Australia, then customs clearance is necessary. Of course, the export documentation requires you to file an export declaration too. The Australian Border force supports you in completing the procedure. However, one needs to know the way to get the export declaration number.

Let us start looking at the procedure. This shall give us clarity on the process to lodge an export declaration.

Export Declaration – What Does it Mean?

Export declaration is the process of declaring (mentioning) all required details on export goods as required in the form.

The Australian Border Force Monitors and controls the export of goods from the nation. It is imperative that you declare the goods you plan to export. Moreover, the important details of the consignment are to be present while filing for the declaration.

The details that have to be present while filing for the export declaration are:

  • Details of the Exporter
  • Details of the Importer
  • Consignment Details

Consignment type has specific codes. Mention the correct code while lodging an export declaration. In addition to it, the details must also include the export date. Further, details with regard to loading port and discharge port along with the information of destination port must be available.

Importance of Export Declaration

You need accurate details in hand for smooth process. Australian Border Force may extend support in getting the Export Declaration. At the same time, the customs need to know the details of the export as well. One must also be aware of the restricted items from shipping. Australian Border Force ensures clearance once all the details are correct and offers the Export Declaration Number.

The customs shall check all the necessary certificates. Of course, some agents can get this done for you. Furthermore, the EDN is present in all the other trade documents. This shall ensure smooth transit of the goods to the destination.

Export Declaration Number – An Overview

We have seen why EDN is important. Without a doubt, it is the most important trading procedure. EDN is a nine-digit alpha numeric number given by Australian Customs. The exporter shares the information with the customs to procure this number. That ‘information’ is the export declaration.

EDN is useful in many stages of the trade. Most of the goods that move out from Australia must have this number.

Ways to Apply for EDN

You can obtain the EDN by lodging the export declaration to customs. There are two ways to do that.

1. Manual Method: The export declaration is available as a form. You can fill it out and take help from an agent to do so. You can submit the filled form to one of the customs’ office counters.
2. Electronic Method: The Australian Border Force operates an exclusive online portal. The Integrated Cargo System (ICS) makes it easy for exporters to lodge export declarations from their offices. The chances of errors are less. In addition to that, the cost is less because of no errors.

The customs office checks all the details and offers the EDN only when all the details are right. If the details are wrong, it is the exporters’ duty to correct and submit them once again. This being a difficult task, experts advise the electronic method over the manual one.

Goods That Need to Have Export Declaration

One needs to file for an export declaration if:

  • The value of the goods is more than AUD2000
  • The goods require an export permit. This does not have any specific value attached.
  • The goods need duty drawback
  • The goods have the duty or excise duty not paid

Goods That Do Not Require Export Declaration

For the below goods, there is no customs duty on the export. The below-listed goods are also exempt from GST.

  • Value the goods less than AUD2000
  • Pet Animals
  • If the goods are imported under section 162A of the Customs Act 1901
  • Australia Post
  • Aircraft and Ship spares for Australia
  • Military Goods for overseas Australian defence use
  • Domestic cargo of Australia


EDN has its use in many phases of trading.

Firstly, one can identify the goods in consolidated consignments. Secondly, it is the acknowledgement of the outward manifestation of goods. Thirdly, it notifies the release or return of goods from the inventory. Last but not the least, it also notifies the release or removal of goods from the airport.

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