Family health plan. Guide to choosing the most suitable insurance

Are you thinking of subscribing a family health policy but you find yourself lost and you don’t really know where to start?

Do not worry because here we advise you step by step and we explain everything. You can find out everything you owe and want to take into account in your family health plan by reading this post, will you join us?

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Advantages of a family health plan

Protecting and caring for the whole family thanks to a single policy is one of the great advantages of a family health plan, but there are many others: the greater simplicity in contracting, the significant financial savings that the subscription of a single policy in instead of several or the large amount of coverage that this type of insurance usually offers.

Most of the companies have a discount system based on the number of insured persons in the family unit, which in many cases reaches more than 15% All this, without neglecting adaptability and flexibility regarding personal circumstances, health status, age and needs of each component of the family.

But… what health insurance to choose? It is a complex issue in which we will help you in the following lines.

Types of health insurance and modalities for a family

We begin to offer you the best keys to choosing health insurance . The good news is that there are, when it comes to the mode of payment and the guarantees available, almost as many types of health insurance as you can imagine.

This allows a great capacity for choice regarding the modality by which we want to bet. Broadly speaking, and to make it simple, we can classify them as follows:

– Copayment

The health insurance copayment is economical and allows access to all the medical staff of the insurer. The premium is lower , although in the event of a consultation or any medical test or treatment required, the policyholder must pay a small amount for each medical act, while the cost will be borne by the insurance company.

In no case does the copayment imply a loss in the quality of the services offered, or a loss of coverage.

For its part, insurance without co-payment is usually more expensive , but it acts as a flat rate and allows you to enjoy all the services offered -including consultations or diagnostic tests- without having to make any additional payment.

– Refund

It is a product that leaves a very wide margin of choice for the insured, who can, thanks to it, choose to access any private doctor or health center, whether or not they are on the entity’s medical chart.

The client must pay out of pocket for each visit, if the chosen medical or medical centers are not in the medical chart , but later the insurer will reimburse a large part of the money paid, according to the percentages that have been agreed in the contract , this franchise normally ranges between 10-20%, which in the case of GENERALI means the return of up to 80%.

– Hospitalization

Another important issue that we must clarify when hiring health insurance.

If we choose to include hospitalization, we will pay a higher premium, but both we and our family members will be fully covered in the event of having to go through the hospital , from surgical expenses to the maintenance of the patient during their period of admission to the hospital. for the stay in the ICU or ICU and even the accommodation of a person accompanying the patient.

A policy without hospitalization costs less but obviously does not include among the guarantees the benefits already mentioned for both hospitalization and operating room.

In case of requiring an income, it is difficult to go from Private to Public Health, so this modality is recommended for younger ages .

– Medical table

Health insurance allows access, as long as the payment of the premium is up to date, to all professionals and medical centers arranged with the insurer , which usually has a wide offer in terms of variety and quality for its clients, as well as geographic implantation throughout the Spanish territory.

Out of it would be, therefore, health centers and professionals not associated with the insurance company (as is possible with the reimbursement option).

Customize your family health insurance

Health insurance in Spain is usually quite complete, allowing access to a wide variety of coverage even in its basic modality and including numerous guarantees such as:

– Health and travel assistance

A guarantee that serves to cover any medical assistance that you or any family member included in the policy need in the event of an accident or illness during a trip in Spain or abroad.

It can also contemplate other services such as the medical transfer of sick, injured or deceased people.

– Medical specialties

In this regard, family health insurance should offer us, if it prides itself on being complete, a wide range of coverage:

  • Visits to medical specialists
  • Assistance in concerted clinics and hospitals
  • Rehabilitation sessions
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cost of medicines
  • Ambulance transfers
  • Cost of prosthetics – usually through the cost reimbursement procedure
  • Hospitalization in all its concepts: not only medical and surgical, but also psychiatric or due to childbirth.

– Diagnostic tests

Of course, a competitive health product must also include in its offer the tests, both complementary and special , for the realization of diagnoses, such as radiology, CT scan or MRI, as well as clinical analysis.

– Free choice and second medical opinion

Allowing free choice on the part of the insured is essential, just as it is important to have the guarantee of a second medical opinion in the event that we want to confirm or extend, without any additional cost, the diagnosis of the first professional to whom we have gone and have even more complete care.

– Specialists outside the medical team

As we pointed out before, options such as medical insurance with reimbursement allow access not only to specialists and associated centers, but also to those who do not have an agreement with the insurance company. One more advantage in the growing commitment to flexibility .

– Dental coverage

A good health offer prides itself on including, even among its basic guarantees , dental coverage services, with access to a significant number of free treatments and other interventions.

Important points for choosing a family health plan

When deciding on a health plan , it is also important to consider several additional aspects.

– Shortcomings

The grace period is the period of time that elapses since the insurance contract enters into force and the day on which the insured may have certain guarantees available .

Shortcomings are common with some health insurance coverage, but not all companies set the same deadlines.

– Preexistences

Before signing the contract, the client has the obligation to inform his insurer about the pre-existing diseases he has (he and the other components of his family that are integrated in the family health policy).

This communication is essential to determine the conditions of the subsequent agreement between both parties.

– Health questionnaire

The completion of a health questionnaire, again by future policyholders, is another of the usual and logical requirements before subscribing for medical insurance.

The insurance company must have complete information on the status of its clients .

– Essential coverage that you will need

The family that chooses to take out insurance must also carry out a little preliminary work to determine which are the essential coverages that they will need, assessing not only the price they are willing to pay for the insurance, but also the health status of each one of them. its members and their particular situation and needs.

The GENERALI Family Health Plan

We have already offered you a complete and simple guide on how to choose health insurance , but we have not finished yet because it is time to tell you about the Generali offer, which will surely interest you.

If you are looking for the best possible health plan , GENERALI offers a complete and flexible range of health insurance

Depending on the one you choose, they include not only basic guarantees such as medical and surgical care, travel assistance, preventive medicine and dental assistance, but the possibility of contracting optional coverage such as primary care (general medicine, pediatrics, ATS service, podiatry, emergencies) , compensation for hospitalization or extension of dental care.

All this at competitive prices, offering modern and efficient services, providing quality care and including wellness and psychological assistance programs in its coverage. In short, a great option for you and your family!

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