Five Team Building Activities to Incorporate in your Birthday Party

It is torturing to miss out on all the opportunities to bond with your family and friends. As you age, you feel like losing contact and becoming isolated. But why would you live such a stereotyped life? Why would you organize a birthday party in a boring apartment? Better escape that gloomy feeling of being alone and invite everyone to an amusement park to reconcile. Share a laugh, savor some memories and celebrate your birthday the best way possible by choosing one from the many birthday party Dubai ideas.

While organizing a birthday party, you need a fantastic venue. Dubai has many amusement parks that will drain all your dull thoughts out and resonate the energy to bring everyone together. They offer team building activities along with confetti, cake and joy.

Team building activities are a way to go if you want everyone together and doing something fun. Following are five team building activities that will incorporate the wildness of the Dubai lifestyle into your birthday:

1.  Escape Room

You either grew up watching Blue’s Clues which sparked your curiosity in solving puzzles, or it was Sherlock’s legacy that ignited the investigative part of your mind. Either way, you ended up in a room with your peers and searched for clues to escape the room.

An amusement park is a perfect place to relive those moments. Teams are built and work together to escape the zombies lurking around. Your team looks for clues to get out of the red zone and leave the hungry zombies devastated. All in all, it encourages open communication and collaboration. It will also improve your problem-solving skills which is something you can take back to the corporate world.

2.  Build the Tallest Tower

You must remember the pillow fort you used to build with your peers in the living room. You spent hours of hustling and yelling to relax later on the couch and appreciate your collective effort. It is time to engage in the same energy during your birthday party.

This team-building activity involves a bunch of sticks, mapping tape, a lengthy string and a marshmallow for each team. Remember marshmallows are not for feasting upon. It must be perched on the top of the tower. The catch is the tower must stand for one minute before collapsing. So, try your best to collaborate. Put that creative mind to use. Hustle to get the tower standing as the epitome of your brilliant teamwork.

3.  Paintball Game

The objective of the paintball game is to have everyone on the same page, no matter what format you choose to transit from defense to offence and vice versa. Establish the team rules to protect each other from stepping into the dead zone and maximize the paintball experience. Now, that is one of the team building activities that will revive the serotine dose.

4.  Minefield

Imagine a space full of objects you can’t step on. It’s a minefield! It promises havoc that must be avoided. This game involves pairs in which one is blindfolded. The partner has the responsibility to guide the other through the fake minefield and reach the finish line first. It will provide the chance to bond with the person you barely contacted over the year and reach the finish line first and it re-establishes the dependency you once shared by making you rely on that person again. It feels overwhelmingly cheerful.

5.  Scavenger Hunt

Sounds cliché but never loses its charm. It is a classic team building game that usually ends up with you reminiscing about the old good times and making you remember the nostalgic clues filled missions.

Encourage your peers to find relics too old to muster up memories. Among all the team building activities, it is the most engaging game that permits you to let your guard down and get to know the changed version of each other. It is a grounding tool that assists you in combating your anxiety issues. So, why not arrange such a reconciling session on your birthday and share your new secrets?

Have a Favorite Team-building Activity?

These team building activities will allow you to create new vivid memories while reminiscing about the good old days, only if you organize them on your birthday. Hence, select your favorite activity and get all teary on the most awaited birthday party of the year and light up Dubai with merriment.

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