Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6177 Fixed Using these DIY Solutions

Usually the users may encounter QuickBooks Error Code 6177 while attempting to open the QuickBooks Desktop. It may also arise when the user tries to access the QB company file, but QB fails to follow the path to it. The users may also encounter this error due to the corrupted company file. Whenever this error strikes on the user’s screen, the following error message comes into view:

“We’re sorry, QuickBooks encountered a problem” 

Consequently, this error may interrupt the users from getting into their QuickBooks company file which eventually puts the entire work at a standstill. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate this error as soon as possible by following the simple resolution methods listed in this post.

Are you fed up of making numerous attempts to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6177 and still unable to open the QuickBooks? If that’s the case, we suggest you have a one-to-one consultation with our QB experts to obtain effective solutions to fix the error. Dial TFN +1(800)-578-0315 and get the error fixed within the least time applicable. 


Chief Factors That Might Prompt QuickBooks Company File Error 6177 

There are a multitude of factors that might evoke QuickBooks Error Code 6177. Therefore, it is necessary that you must understand the factors that might lead to the error. This will help the users in avoiding this error in future. To guide you with the root causes that might be responsible for the error are listed below.

  • Sometimes it may appear due to corruption in the file or within the company file itself.
  • The version of QuickBooks you are currently using is out of date.
  • There may be the possibility that the QuickBooks-related system support files get deleted by accident.
  • It may also occur when you don’t have proper admin rights to access the QuickBooks Company file.


Best Possible Solutions to Overcome QuickBooks Desktop Error 6177 

It becomes quite annoying for the users when they won’t be able to open the QuickBooks as it may hamper your day-to-day business operations. However, if you are looking for simple ways to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 6177, then you can resolve it by following the resolution methods listed below:

Method 1: Get the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Updates

  • Before initiating the process, ensure that you have closed down your company files and QuickBooks.
  • Afterwards, click on the Start menu, locate QuickBooks Desktop, and right-click from your mouse to choose the Run As Administrator option.
  • Consequently, it will redirect you to the No Company file window that will appear on your screen. Further, opt for the Help menu and then click Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, choose the Mark All from the Options tab and click the Save option.
  • Soon after this, proceed to the Update Now tab and mark the checkbox of the Reset Update.
  • Following this, opt for the Get Updates option. Later on, shut down the QuickBooks Desktop and reopen it after the Update process is completed, and then click Yes to apply the updates successfully.

Method 2: Configure your file path manually 

In order to recreate the file you will need first to delete it and then run QBDBMgrN to recreate it. This is how you can fix the issue.

Delete and Recreate .ND file:-

  • To Commence with, open File Explorer on your server computer and then look for your QuickBooks folder.
  • Soon after this, navigate for the file having .ND file extension.
  • Once you get the .ND file, right-click on it, and tap on the Delete option. Doing this won’t affect your accounting and finance-related data.
  • If you haven’t installed the QuickBooks Database Server Manager previously, then get it installed on your server computer.
  • After this, type “Database” within the search field and open QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Then, you must look for the QuickBooks folder holding your company files.
  • After that, click on the Start Scan.
  • Once the scanning process is over, click the Close option.
  • In the end, give proper permissions to your folder to share your company files.

Wrapping It Up!!

We hope that now you can easily access your QuickBooks company file without encountering QuickBooks Error Code 6177. In this post, we have specified all the verified and reliable solutions that will help you eliminate the error permanently. However, if the error still exists, you may have a direct conversation with our QB experts. To contact our experts, you can place a call at our TFN +1(800)-578-0315 and obtain the simple instructions to fix the error instantly. Finally, our professionals are available round the clock to guide you with the best possible assistance within the latest time applicable.


I cannot deal with QuickBooks Error Code 6177. Can you help? 

Whenever I try to open the QuickBooks Desktop, it suddenly prompts me with QuickBooks Error Code 6177. Unfortunately, due to this error I couldn’t open my company file, which eventually hampers my ongoing business activity. Therefore, to resolve the issue, I tried verifying my file location and running the file doctor to repair the company file, but nothing helped. So I googled this error to find the best possible solution but failed to find anything relevant. It seems like there is no adequate resolution to this error as Intuit Experts also fails to provide me with some valuable insights. So, please provide me with some tips to eliminate the error as soon as possible.

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