Follow these 7 steps for the best custom logo design

A logo is your unique identity and can be differentiated more when designed custom sketch from scratch. There is so much competition in the world these days. Most people find it so hard to start any new business. But when you do, you must have different thoughts and ideas to work. So, why not creatively create your logo design because obviously, it will make you stand out differently in a competitive market.

You can also go for a template logo, pay less, and or even you can get it for free if you go online and search for logo templates you can create your own. But what are people’s gonna say?? You know, typical. To attract your target audience, you have to catch the attention and be creative with your business’s face. Logos create memories, if your customer has a good experience with your brand now whenever they will see your logo, they would want to buy something from you again or talk good in front of others. Oh, I heard free marketing. The better the logo the strong the memory and of course we love it to learn from visuals more.


7 steps for the best custom logo design

To make your logo look professional and have your swag on your customers we have come along with some easy tips or steps to follow.


  • Find your brands identity

so, you know your business and what it is about plus you must be having at least something that makes your business unique or says or business has a USP. USP is going to differentiate your product or service from the market it is your business’s unique selling point.


You found the gap in the market and you came with this new idea for a great start-up. To make it easy ask yourself why you had this specific idea and why u started this business? What was the gap in the market that you are trying to fulfill? And mainly what morals you are trying to deliver in society?


After, answering all these questions you have to realize your USP or your values and try to picture it with specific themes and colors and how your custom logo design should pass your message to the audience.



  • Acquire some logo inspirations

I find this part personally really hard. When you are at the beginning point you have so many ideas and nothing at the same point. We get to start with dozens of ideas but when we do research or talk to our partners or others, we are left with nothing sometimes and this all leaves us with so confusion.

My advice is to brainstorm and write every idea you ever got regarding and start researching that way you would not get bored, tired, or exhausted. If you write everything from pin to point your vision will be clear about future goals and plans. The custom logo design in your mind and the logos you will see while researching online will mix up with some excessive new inventions.


  • Time to add some colors

This part is way more interesting than just picking any random set of colors for your brand. Custom logo design or any logo has a great impact with a difference of colors on your target audience. As talked before we love to learn from visuals it is also important what message our logo’s color is delivering to the viewer.

Learning color psychology is necessary for a graphic designer here and for these typical decisions people hire professional graphic designers for their custom logo design.

For example, different colors pass different vibes like, red which is known for boldness, passion, and power. While blue is considered peaceful and calm like this every different color has its personality. You just have to know what kind of color set your business is.


  • Find and pick a font

You must be thinking about how this part could be typical? It is just picking any font that suits my logo and I like it but let me disappoint you by saying NO. it’s not as simple as we think, there are tons of different kinds of fonts that deliver dozen different expressions.


Fonts are based on the mood of your brand it varies with formal, informal, fun, classic, loud or bold and what not.


  • Develop a few samples first

Now you have colors, ideas, and fonts we know that it is not that easy to settle with one. So just create and merge every color, font, and template and develop a few designs. That way you can see what font goes with what color and what design, this demonstration will make your vision clear and will help you decide easily.


You can even have italic to bold or not bold or simple versions of each category to clear everything out before deciding or maybe you will get the whole new idea with all the samples you have to merge it all and invent some fabulous.


  • Ask around

After shortlisting your few samples ask your business partners if you have any of your friends and family. Better ask random people what they think after seeing the logo, how it makes them feel, and is it recognizable for a specific brand. Take votes and select the one with more audience because in the future these are the people who are going to give you business so yes listen to them. Why? Haven’t you heard that customers always, right?


  • Enhance selected logo

Your voters must have given you some comments on the one that you have selected first of all work those so your audience will remember you for it. Add some more aspects from your feedbacks might have got some fresh ideas from the audience so you can enhance it better. And of course, you can never learn enough so keep getting better than before.

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