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For The Home Seller: Easy Home Inspection Tips To Follow

Selling your house is never an easy task. Leaving a familiar place where you have so many memories and nostalgia attached, will simply be challenging. But, if you’ve already made your decision, then it’s time to opt for a pre-listing home inspection. 

A pre-listing home inspection is important for any home seller, including you, because this inspection process helps you learn about the overall condition of your home and thereby make necessary amendments (repairs/replacements) before you put your home for sale. Therefore, in this extensive guide, we’ll be sharing some of the essential tips & tricks that you can follow to make your pre-listing home inspection process easier. 

Suggestions To Follow For Pre-Listing Home Inspection

  1. Perform Your Due Research

Before you decide to hire a home inspector in Houston, you have to perform your due research. Without proper research, you simply cannot find the ideal home inspector for your needs.

Questions that you should be asking your home inspector are:

  • What’s your experience?
  • How many years have you been in the home inspection industry?
  • How many home inspections have you performed to date (estimation)?
  • What certifications or qualifications do you possess?

By asking the aforementioned questions, you can get a deeper idea about the personnel that you’ll be hiring and thereby make an educated decision. 

  1. Always Plan Ahead

Once you’ve hired your preferred home inspector and the date has been fixed on which the inspection is to be carried out, it’s time to prepare your house for the same. 

Keeping your home prepped for home inspection not only acts as a courtesy to the home inspector but also makes the entire process easier & smoother. Some of the main actions that you can perform are:

  • Home Interiors

Proceed to turn on all your utilities (water, gas, and electric supply) and ensure your home can be readily tested by the home inspector. Don’t forget to replace any worn-out battery or lighting fixture. For the attic and crawl spaces, eliminate any obstructions, so that the home inspector doesn’t face any difficulty in accessing the areas. 

  • Home Exteriors

It’s always in your best interest to give your home inspector the ideal opportunity to inspect all features of your home exteriors carefully. So, don’t forget to trim any trees, plants or bushes, so that the home inspector can obtain a clear view of the siding, roof, and foundation. Furthermore, clean the roof gutters and downspouts. 

Generally, the home inspection procedure will take around two to three hours to complete, so be prepared for the same. 

  1. Try To Be On The Premises When The Home Inspection Is Taking Place

Even though the seller doesn’t need to remain inside the premises during the home inspection process, it’s always recommended that you accompany your home inspector. Since the home inspection report will affect your sale and the ability to talk terms with the buyer, it’s better to stay on-site and follow what’s happening. 

It should be remembered that your home inspection is just as important to you as the home buyer. Therefore, when you’re present with the home inspector during the inspection process, you’ll have the opportunity to not only learn your home’s status but also inquire regarding any concerns that you may have. 

Ultimately, by following the above-mentioned suggestions, you can expect yourself to be a caring and more informed homeowner. 

Therefore, in case you’re in the market for a reliable home inspector, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our in-house experts right away. Our home inspection service is touted as one of the best out there and we’d be happy to have you by our side, as a loyal & genuine customer. 

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