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Four reasons why the vinyl wallboard is a better alternative to the drywall

Although drywall is commonly used for covering walls and ceilings, PVC is still the better choice. The vinyl waterproof wall paneling made from 100% virgin material. It is resistant to high impacts, blows, abuses, mold, and mildew, much unlike drywall. Get the wallboard from Duramax at factory-direct costs in 2 weeks. The USA-made vinyl panels are slowly but surely replacing the drywall. The traditional drywall material is a great choice but is restricted only for dry environments. Commercial spaces with high moisture content prefer installing vinyl wallboard rather than drywall. Most commercial and industrial applications like grow rooms, car wash garages, fisheries, restaurants invest in vinyl panels. The drywall material used for wall covering is now an outdated concept. In contemporary times, businesses in the USA prefer vinyl panels as an alternative to drywall. Here are four real reasons that make vinyl panels the real champion.

  • PVC is an effective method to address moisture rather than drywall

The drywall material is a gypsum-based product that acts like a sponge when exposed to water. The wet drywall swells up like a sponge when it comes in contact with moisture. As a result, the drywall is an extremely bad choice for grow rooms, Laundromats, dairy parlors, marine vessels, kitchens, and other high-humid commercial spaces. The drywall swells and decreases the integrity of the material to protect the walls and ceilings against moisture damage. Ultimately, you will have the drywall breaking down with a host of other structural issues.

A better alternative to the drywall is USA-made vinyl panels. Duramax vinyl panels made with 100% virgin material ensure optimal resistance to moisture. The wall panels have a non-porous surface to shed the excess moisture without any absorption or seepage. As a result, the vinyl panels are extremely resilient to moisture and chemical exposure. With ½ inch thickness, the Duramax wall panels are easily fitted to cover the walls and ceiling without backers or drywall.

  • Drywall is susceptible to mold and mildew infestation, unlike PVC

Most businesses do not dispose of the wet drywall but rather get the material repaired, leading to mold and mildew infestation. Even the most well-fitted drywall material readily absorbs moisture from the environment. And gets damp, leading to mold growth. On the other hand, Duramax wall panels restrict moisture absorption and offer good insulation, resulting in complete inhibition of mold and mildew growth. In addition, the Duramax panels are antibacterial, mold-free, and resistant to rotting, staining, and microbial infestation. If you don’t want to deal with the weaknesses of drywall, then installing the vinyl wallboard is an ideal choice.

  • Drywall stains and requires professional upkeep, much unlike vinyl panels

The drywall stains easily and needs to get replaced. Small patches of drywall need to get repaired or replaced once water-damaged or stained. Installing or even repairing the drywall isn’t enough as they are susceptible to callbacks. The professional upkeep required to maintain the drywall makes them an expensive choice for the long haul. PVC panels are a good alternative. Because they don’t stain or fade and are comparatively easier to maintain. Wiping the Duramax panels with a damp mop and soap is ideal for its upkeep and general maintenance. Once installed, Duramax panels don’t require any professional upkeep or cleaning. The wall panels last for 45 years or even longer with occasional cleanups. Get the high-end wall panels customized directly from the factory to your business location. Duramax ships the panels within 2 weeks to your address.

  • Laborious drywall installation makes PVC a better choice

Did you know it takes numerous days to install the drywall? The taping, mudding, sanding, and material painting make the installation laborious and cumbersome. Drywall is a heavy material, and the installation requires more than one labor. On the other hand, PVC panel installation is a DIY one-person job that requires a few hours for the complete setup. PVC panels arrive in DIY kits, and the user-friendly installation manual makes the job simpler for a novice to get the job done. Ideally, the wall panels take 7 hours for installation, but you can speed up the process by hiring two people for the job.

    • Wrapping up

Get the PVC wall materials from Duramax. We are the leading wall panel manufacturer, and supplier in the business for more than four decades. The high-end wall panels are resistant to fire, chemicals, and moisture. The durable PVC panels are easier to install and maintain than the regular drywall.  Request a quote now. Book your free consultation. Avail of the complimentary sample.

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