Get a Clear Idea about the Working of Tyre Pressure Monitor System

Installed in your car or any vehicle, The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitor System) is nothing but an electronic system. Monitoring the tyres’ air pressure is the major role of the TPMS system.

The light of the TPMS gets on the dashboard when the pressure in the Cheap Tyres Manchester is less than the suggested level. Regarding which tyre contains low pressure, this will alert you. You can trace TPMS in the majority of the new vehicles. This article depicts the working, types and benefits of TPMS.

Working of a TPMS

No doubt, the TPMS is consider an essential and innovative inclusion in a vehicle. To understand its works, you need to be acquainted with two kinds of TPMS systems. These are Indirect TPMS and Direct TPMS.

Indirect TPMS

The Indirect TPMS works with the Antilock Braking System wheel speed sensors rather than a sensor fitted on the wheels in a vehicle. The tyre will roll slowly as compared to other wheels when the tyre pressure decreases. This will make the TPMS light at the dashboard go on.

Direct TPMS

For monitoring the pressure in the tyre, a sensor is fitted into the wheel in this system. The driver gets alert when the pressure in the tyre becomes less than the suggested level. The dashboard light informs the driver about this. When the pressure in the tyre drops below the suggested level, the dashboard light comes on immediately. When the pressure level in the tyre is less than the suggested level by 25%, the driver is warned.

Things to watch out for

When you start your car first in the morning, you will find your TPMS light on (if you have TPMS installed in your car). However, after you drive for some miles, it goes off. If this happens, don’t consider your TPMS as faulty. There is a valid reason behind this. Your car or any vehicle stays stationary overnight. This indicates that the tyres get cooled overnight and the air within them doesn’t get expanded. The tyre pressure drops by some amount than the suggested level. Thus, when you start your car in the morning, the TPMS will go on indicating low pressure in the tyre. But, the tyres get heated after you drive for some distance.

This heat makes the air expand in the tyre. The tyre gets back its suggested pressure level. Thus, the TPMS light goes off. This is completely normal if you have a TPMS installed in your car. You need not worry about this. But, if the light doesn’t go off even after you drive for some distance, this indicates the pressure in the tyre is low. Thus, you need to visit a nearby garage and inflate your tyres to the suggested level. Once the recommended pressure level is reached, the TPMS light goes off automatically.

TPMS Advantages

You need to know about certain facts regarding the tyres to understand the advantages of TPMS efficiently. As per a study, around five per cent of road accidents occur due to tyre bursts. The causes behind tyre bursts are many including incorrect tyre pressure, worn-out tyres, and vehicle overloading. The extent of life risk and deaths can be minimised to complete zero if TPMS can be installed in every vehicle. This is a great advantage indeed. Isn’t it?

Along with life risk, the tyres also come under risk when you drive on tyres having incorrect pressure levels. These damages to the tyres are irreversible many times. Thus, you will have to replace them completely, which may get heavy on your pocket. Thus, you can save a good amount of money if you invest in installing a TPMS in your car. Moreover, fuel consumption also increases by driving on tyres with inadequate pressure. Thus, efficient consumption of fuel is ensure by the TPMS as it will help you maintain the recommend pressure level in the tyres.

The braking distance and handling of a vehicle are directly linked to the pressure in the Continental Tyres Manchester. The braking distance and handling of your car will get hamper if you don’t realize that the pressure level in the tyre is less than the suggested level. But, having a TPMS install in your car will prevent the occurrence of all these situations.


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