Get More Out of Your Spirit Airlines Loyalty Program

With Spirit Airlines, you have access to the best of both worlds when it comes to airline loyalty programs and frequent flyer rewards. Whether you’re new to Spirit Airlines or simply want to learn more about how their loyalty program works, you’ll find valuable information here on how to redeem Spirit Airlines Flight rewards with ease and take advantage of additional perks that come with the Spirit Airlines program. It doesn’t matter if you travel often or only make one-off trips each year; this guide has got you covered.

Airline Credit Cards

While it’s not a requirement, signing up for Spirit Airline credit card can help you earn miles faster—and credit cards are also a great way to build your credit score if you don’t have any other credit history. There are two Spirit Airline-branded cards available: The Spirit Airlines Booking Platinum Mastercard® and The Spirit Airlines Flights World Mastercard® . The good news is that both offer rewards such as cash back, travel discounts, and complimentary upgrades on Spirit Airlines Flights. If you like earning frequent flyer miles, there are plenty of ways to use them with partners including Emirates Skywards, Etihad Guest Miles, Alaska Mileage PlanTM , British Airways Executive Club , Air France/KLM Flying Blue ® , Avianca LifeMiles ® , and more.

Elite Status Spirit Airline Credit Cards

There are two types of people who get airline elite status: 1) People who really love flying, and 2) People who really want to earn air miles. If you belong to that second group, signing up for airline credit cards is a smart move. With every purchase you make on a Spirit Airlines Flight Booking credit card, you’ll be earning miles toward elite status or toward an award flight—which means that in just one year you could be on your way to enjoying all those perks. Of course, if it makes sense for your spending habits and preferences, there are other airlines with similar offers.

Airport Lounge Access

Get more value out of your Spirit Airlines Flights Reservations loyalty points by saving on lounge access fees. For example, a $27 fee for a one-time access to The Club at JFK or an $85 fee for daily access to The Club at LAX Airport. Depending on your needs, either option could be less expensive than if you paid separately with cash! Please keep in mind that not all airports offer lounges and that some lounges offer reduced rates only after paying an annual membership fee. Regardless, it’s worth researching how much it would cost to use various airport lounges prior to booking flights; you may find they are cheaper than you think!

Companion Spirit Airline Tickets

Another great Spirit Airlines benefit is their Companion Ticket program. For $99 each way, you can get a ticket for someone to travel with you. The only stipulation is that they must be traveling on the same itinerary and in the same class as you are. It’s a great way to get more from your loyalty program without having to actually fly Spirit Airlines! We don’t recommend turning it into an extended vacation for yourself but there’s no reason why your friend or family member shouldn’t enjoy some discounted flying, too! There are times when we haven’t had enough miles for a ticket so we used companion tickets instead.

Free Checked Bags

Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket Booking lets you and your travel companions check a bag for free. This can be a huge money saver. If you have an annual Spirit Airlines card, you and your travel companions can also get two free checked bags on all Spirit flights Reservation every time you fly. Checked bag fees are typically around $25 each way for most airlines, so it’s a big deal if you’re checking multiple bags on multiple trips with Spirit Airlines Customer Support. You won’t even need to purchase priority boarding or premium seating to take advantage of these perks (but they are nice). Note: If you don’t use your card much in a year, ask Spirit Airlines Flight Booking about their Paid-Up Club.

No Fees On Booking Fees on International Travel

The easiest way to get more out of your Spirit Airlines Flight Reservation loyalty program is to start planning flights outside of North America. International travel makes up a big part of Spirit Airlines Business Class model, which means no fees on booking for their customers. Even if you haven’t booked a ticket yet, you can see if international flights are available in your destination city—and find out how much they cost before checking out other airlines like Delta or American Airline. There may be times when another airline is actually cheaper to fly with, but there are usually ways to save that don’t involve backtracking later.

Extras For Fliers With Carry-Ons Only

Spirit Airlines offers a number of extras for fliers who don’t check any bags, as part of its Carry-Ons Only program. As such, you can access Spirit Airlines airport lounges even when flying with only carry-on luggage; typically, lounge access is restricted to folks who are checking suitcases. The airline also offers Free Parking for fliers with carry-on luggage; parking at major airports can often be expensive and Spirit Airline free parking makes it easy to stick to just one bag.

Ways To Earn Miles Faster

Spirit Airlines rewards program is known for being simple and straightforward. Miles earned from Spirit Flight purchases, base fare, taxes and fees all count towards your mileage balance. You can also earn bonus miles by getting a co-branded credit card, referring friends or flying on special occasions. Spirit miles don’t expire as long as you use them within 18 months. If you have any quarry for flight related you can contact Spirit Airlines Reservation Phone Number +1-888-678-0392. Once you reach 50,000 mile in your account, you become Elite status member with all that entails: free carry-on bag (or 2) and seat assignment; 20% off drinks and food; better reservation flexibility and priority check-in / boarding privileges.

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