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We all turn to Google to find the information we need. Google has created a user interface that is clear and easy to use, allowing us to quickly get the information we need. Although Google’s use is beneficial, it can get tedious at times.

Mr. Doob invented Google Gravity to improve the user experience and make Google use more entertaining. This is a programme that alters Google’s search results in some interesting ways. This appears to be entertaining, and users seem to appreciate it. We’ll talk about Google Gravity’s I’m Feeling Lucky Search tactics in this conversation.

Google Gravity

This is Google Gravity’s most basic trick. You can move everything on the Google homepage using this approach. Your search keyword is also shifting, affecting the gravity on your Google homepage.

To use this method, simply go to and search for in a trusted browser. Google Gravity can be found by searching for it on the homepage. On your screen, you will see two alternatives. I’m feeling lucky, so you have to cluck on Google Gravity. By altering Gravity, you may see that all of the elements of begin to shift. You can get more out of your search by using a relevant term.

Do A Barrel Roll

This is another amazing method that is used for Google Index sections rather than the Google Homepage. The Google Index area is where we’ll find the results of our search. This is a method that allows Google to perform a barrel roll.

To use this method, open a browser and go to To search it, go to and type “Google do a barrel roll” in the search box. A page with the option “I’m Feeling Lucky” will appear. After clicking on it, you’ll be able to try out a new mode. You’ll notice that’s logo executes a barrel roll. This is one of Google Gravity’s most intriguing stunts.

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is another excellent way for interacting with Google. You may easily construct a sphere with the phrases you searched using this approach. The keywords that you search for on Google will appear on the home page, and you can adjust their position accordingly.

To access this fascinating technique, go to and type “Google Gravity” into the search box. See the magic of this trick by finding and clicking the option I’m Feeling Lucky. You can see that all of the searched phrases from Google’s Index will be displayed on the site, and you can construct a sphere out of them. It’s an interesting Google trick that allows you to be creative.

Google Underwater

This is my personal favourite Google Gravity trick, and I’m feeling fortunate. You can submerge Google in water using this trick. You may also make waves on Google’s home page. This appears to be a very fascinating and engaging project.

To use this method, go to and search for “Google Underwater” in the search box. Search for “I’m feeling lucky” and click it at this time. Then you’ll see that Google’s site begins to float in the sea. With the use of a mouse, you can also create waves. So, if you want to have some fun with Google, this method is the way to go.

Google Zero Gravity

If you want to see how Google works in a zero-gravity environment, the Google Zero Gravity trick is for you. This method is intriguing because when you use it on Google, it appears as if you are using Google against a mirror.

To use this method, simply open in a web browser and type into the search box. The homepage will appear. You must now search for “Google Zero Gravity” in Google. On your screen, you will see two alternatives. You must select “I’m Feeling Lucky.” You’ll see that Google’s homepage has collapsed, and it appears that you’re utilising Mirror

Google Epic

Google Epic is also a terrific method which leads the Homepage to expand bigger than usual. This Google tweak appears to be intriguing.

To find this option, use the Google search engine and type in “Google Epic.” Now look for and select the option “I’m feeling lucky.” Following the completion of the search, you’ll notice that the size of Google Homepage begins to rise, and it appears to be larger than usual.

Google Anti Gravity

You may see Google in its anti-gravity form at Google Anti Gravity. In this trick, you’ll find yourself in a situation where all of Google’s parts begin to float.

To use this method, go to and type in “Google Anti Gravity.” Then look for the option “I’m feeling lucky” and choose it. When you click “I’m feeling lucky,” you’ll see that all of the elements, including the logo and the search bar, begin to float. This is a fun trick that you can use right away.

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Mr. Doob is a fictional character. Google’s tactics are well-known, and he’s worked on a lot of initiatives. Yet, despite his immense creativity and vision, he also possesses some major coding and interfacing talents. If we look at Mr Doob’s Voxels, we can see a ground-breaking platform that allows us to layer three-dimensional structures in order to construct or simply play games online. Anyone and everyone online can use this simple yet groundbreaking application for a variety of purposes ranging from taking a break to constructing your ideal structure and much more! It can even serve as the foundation for a brand new game.

The goal was to make Google Gravity a fun search engine in and of itself, similar to a search engine within the larger Google search engine. Mr Doob Gravity came up with a Javascript that allows you to look for things online in a whole new way. In order for this to operate well, a series of algorithms has been designed and implemented for Google Gravity to give both search results and entertainment.

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