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GPS is a technology that uses satellites to detect an exact location. This technology has proven efficient and has been used by people daily. One item that plays an important role is a map available within the device you are using the GPS Technology. It can be said that without a map the GSP technology is incomplete.

Maps include the routes and important places beside them. This helps the user to reach the destination without any difficulty, even while going to an unknown place. With various opportunities available for Free GPS map update, the accuracy of the maps can be elevated.

Why is an update important for a map?

After the creation of the map, which you are using, there might be many changes happened with regards to the routes, landmarks, places, etc. Many times, these changes are significant, and if not considered, may misguide the user. If you are completely foreign to those locations, the effects of this misguide might be more severe. Hence, it is advised to update a map.

Updating a map provides these benefits:

  1. It will have all the accessible new routes to reach your destination, that might have not been available in the previous version of the map. This might introduce better or quicker ways too.
  2. Added places will add more specificity to the directions provided to reach the destination.
  3. A good map will contribute very well while creating a proper plan for traveling.
  4. It will also remove all the previous defects that were on the map

How to update a GPS map for free?

There are many devices that provide in the market that provides GPS feature for their users. Within this feature, the map is also included. The updating of these maps purely depends on the company of the device that you use. Every company provides a facility to update the maps in their own way.

The major companies include these four:


 Free GPS Map update process is easily possible if you are using the company’s original application. You can easily get this application by searching it through your browser. The application provides many other options rather than only downloading the update and putting it in your application. You can check them after downloading the application. Here, we will focus only on the update of the map.

  •  1: Open the Website: Garmin Express – Windows | Garmin
  •  2: There are options available to download this application. Select the option according to what you need’
  •  3: You will have to install the application by electing on the ‘Launch Garmin Express’ button.
  •  4: An option will appear on the screen, telling you to add a device. This device is your GPS Service Provider product that you have. So,        first, select the option, then connect the service provider to your computer.
  •  5: Wait for a while as it is trying the find your device. Once it finds your device, press the ‘Add Device’ button.
  •  6: You can either do the process shown on the screen or ignore it by pressing the ‘Next button.
  •  7: Add a creative name to your device and again press ‘Next’
  •  8: Wait for a while until the application checks whether some update is available or not. Once it has found that the update is available,        press ‘Install All’
  •  9: Read and Accept the terms and conditions.
  •  10: Read the other information given here. Then, press ‘Continue’.

For Mac Operating System user: If you are a user of the Mac Operating System to update your device, the process is almost similar. There might be dome differences while installing the application, other than that the whole process will be almost identical.


TomTom is also a pretty famous application and many users use them. The Free GPS map update can be done with the application of the company, if you don’t have the application, you will have to add it to your device.

  •  1: Open the website: TomTom MyDrive Connect | Update your sat nav
  •  2: There are various options over here, to download from. Select the right one, according to your own device. The downloading                      process will begin.
  •  3: Connect your device through your computer.
  •  4: Now open the application and select login. If you haven’t created your account, create one through the website or press on ‘Create           Accounts’ here and then add your details. After that add the log-in details here.
  •  5: Finally select ‘Update the Device’. This will lead you to a place where the list of updates will be available.
  •  6: Tick/Check the boxes beside the details given for an update. Only the selected one will be updated.
  •  7: Select the ‘Update and Install’ option
  •  8: A pop-up will appear on the screen. Select ‘Ok’ and the process will begin.

For Mac Operating System User: For the Mac Operating system too, the process is almost the same with minute changes especially while installation.


The process for Free GPS Map Update is a little different as there won’t be any application through which you will do the downloading process. Instead, you will have to do so through the website.

  •  1: Open the website: SmartGPS Eco
  •  2: Log in or Sign-in within the website.
  •  3: Now connect your device through the cable to the computer
  •  4: Now within your computer, over the website, select the update option.
  •  5: Then, select your device name.
  •  6: Now the page will appear through which you can update the map. Select the download option to do so.



Again, in the Rand McNally, the Free GPS Map Update process is pretty simple. All you need to do is download the application from the official website and then update the maps.

  •  1: Open the following website: Rand McNally Support Dock Software
  •  2: The option will be available to download the application according to your operating system.
  •  3: Now install the application according to the prompt given there. In the process, it will ask you to connect your device. Do that.
  •  4: After the application is installed and you open it, the option to update the map will be available, and follow the instruction there to download. Do all the updates available over the application.


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